Today is my dad’s birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY-O.  Thank you for being born!

Can you tell we're related?

Since I couldn’t be home today to celebrate with the family (silly being a grown-up with jobs and stuff), I visited the folks over the weekend.  Every year for my dad’s birthday, because he’s really hard to shop for, I take him and my mom out to a baseball game.  The Long Island Ducks are our team of choice.  There’s just something hokey and wholesome about minor league baseball that makes me happy.  While there I treat my dad to concessions and a new baseball hat.  Fun times are had by all.

Handsome guy, right?

Quacker Jack calling a play

While on “the Island” this weekend I went to a grocery store.  Suburban grocery stores never cease to amaze me.  Perhaps it’s the prices (so much lower than New York City), or the sheer size (how many aisles?), or perhaps it’s just the blatantly bizzaro food choices available to the masses in the suburbs.

I will admit that I live in a quasi-Yuppy neighborhood in Brooklyn.  If you were imagining me living a thugtastic inner-city life, I am sorry to disappoint you.  My ‘hood is basically Brownstones and baby-carriages. Our local grocery stores cater to that population.  Which is great for someone who is all sorts of health-centric, but I didn’t realize how sheltered I was when it came to the freezer aisle (blue french fries?).

I was strangely excited to see that Pepsi is now making “throw back” soda with real sugar.  My mom, who is a fan of soda, bought 4-cases.  I feel way better, for some reason, about her drinking soda made with sugar-sugar, as opposed to High Fructose Corn Syrup-sugar.  I did see another soda that caught my eye:

Now, I’m not a parent, but if I were that would be exactly the wrong marketing tactic to take with me.  “Chubby Kids Soda” does not denote the kind of lifestyle I would wish upon my offspring.  Also, since when did kids need their own soda?  Isn’t most soda marketed to kids?  Methinks there’s an advertising exec scratching their head somewhere wondering where things went wrong.

It’s not all cynicism, for the most part when I go grocery shopping in the burbs I’m in a food wonderland. One drawback of city living is limited options, and there are so many options to be had in the great big food-buying world.  Also, wow, there are a lot more flavors of jello than I’d originally thought.

At least my grocery store has Udon noodles, take that megastore! Where are your udon noodles?  Mmm, Udon noodle soup…haven’t had that in a while.

On another note: Luna Bars=AMAZING.  Why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner?  I don’ think I ever need to date again, because these bad boys totally fulfill me.


Scrambled egg whites, whole wheat English Muffin,
apple sauce


I’m a little sick of salad.  No more salad for a while.


Luna bar


I haven’t made this in a while, but it’s a total favorite of mine:
Lentils & peas (cooked in vegetable broth, cumin, coriander, and turmeric)
Brown rice
Spiced yogurt

Tonight is a late night gym night.  I slept late and screwed up my fitness schedule, and since I hate working out during rush hour, I’ll head over there for some time on the elliptical and in the weight room post prime-time.