I have this new thing where I sleep.

I hear other people do this regularly, but I am not other people.  I have always found great solice in my superhuman ability to function on half a nights sleep.  Well, no more, my body says it’s nap time—so yeah, I’ve been sleeping a lot.

This new “hobby” of mine means I didn’t get up in time to pack lunch this morning, so off  I went to Whole Foods for lunch today.  I love lunch at Whole Foods for a number of reasons, and trust me it’s not the price.  I love being surrounded by so many natural, healthy, locally grown/baked/prepared foods.  I also love people watching.

One of my most favorite things about lunchtime at Whole Foods is the fact that it gets really busy and people have to interact with each other.  I don’t know why, but it just tickles me pink when someone goes up to a stranger and says, “Would you mind if I sit here.”  Then, they sit together.  Sometimes they talk, sometimes they don’t, but in this totally hands-off, digital age, I love seeing people interact.  I’m a little weird.

Speaking of strangers, there is one less stranger in the world…at least to me.  I met Lindsay (who lives in Brooklyn, and reads this blog) over the weekend for a run in Prospect Park.  Lindsay is a much better runner than I am, but she was forgiving of my spazitude.  It was nice to have some running/talking time—even though I was mostly gasping for air so my talking sounded something like a mild cry for help.  I’ll get better at running (I had running class tonight!), and hopefully Lindsay will go running again with me soon.

Now, I didn’t blog yesterday.  Instead of being all sorts of responsible and going home to workout and do work…I played hookie on life and went to Queens to visit my very good friend Yos, and her very brand new daughter Abigail.  I am so totally in love with this child.  She really is the prettiest newborn I’ve ever seen.  Okay, I’m kind of partial, but it’s still true.  Yos’s aunt was over helping out with the baby and made us dinner.  So basically, I got to hang out with a girlfriend, play with a baby, and someone made me dinner.  Life is kind of awesome.

Monday Breakfast

Favorite milkshake smoothie: almond milk, peanut butter, chocolate whey protein, frozen banana


I hit up Pump Energy Foods for lunch and had their turkey burger pizza style for lunch
Whole wheat pita, turkey burger, tomato sauce, fat free mozerella


Salad, rice, steak with potatoes and vegetables

Tuesday Breakfast

Oatmeal with almond milk, almond butter, strawberries


Salad with a bunch of stuff


Luna Bar


Grilled turkey breast, brussel sprouts, whole wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce