I hold this truth to be self evident, and yet, being Kim, it can be hard to not trust me.  Wednesday morning I could not get up, I was what one might call really-friggin’ tired.  So, I chalked it up to my rest day and went on with my life.

The problem is, this morning I was really-friggin’ tired too.  I have a general “rest day” rule, and that is: take what you need, but don’t take them consecutively.  I don’t like to take two days off from my fitness goals in a row because that can then start steam rolling into weeks and months with not a bead of sweat to be seen anywhere.

This morning, when my alarm went off at 4:30am, and I knew I needed to get up to get to the gym by 5am to get my run in and get cracking on work I started negotiating with myself.  Now, I am a terrible negotiator when I am awake, but boy am I shrewed when I’m sleeping.

All of a sudden I was saying things to myself, like:

“You don’t need to exercise today because you’re not going to eat.”

Uhh, what?  I’m not going to eat?  Have I met ME?!

That little gem was followed closely by, “You can just take today off from work so you can go to the gym later.”  And, “You can quit your improv class, and go to the gym tonight.”

I’m a wee bit dramatic aren’t I?  Quit my improv class, take off from work, NOT EAT TODAY!

Needless to say, I slept in, today is also a “rest day.”

Here’s the food rundown from yesterday:


Egg whites, salsa, avocado, whole grain toast


Whole wheat sourdough with grilled turkey breast, arugala, mustard


Steak fajitas

One of the reasons I was so tired this morning was because some friends and I went out last night to celebrate my friend Amanda’s recent nuptials.  She and her awesometastic husband Tim got married last Friday.  I wrote about her for my new job.