Oh my, well if yesterday was a textbook sort of day, today was totally free-stylin’.

Things were just totally off from the get go.  I woke up, prepared to get my AM run on, only to be crippled by cramps.

Thanks Aunt Flo, I’m always so happy when you visit.

I decided to give myself a pass.  I have been working out pretty diligently, and figured I’d let my body be cranky if it wanted to be, instead I dedicated my morning to returning emails (a practice I’m becoming less and less diligent about these days).

I did however get in a brief but intense run after work.  On days that I have my running class I like to suppliment with a morning run, because class really only consists of 20 minutes of running, but today that was enough.  I moved up a level in my running class, and this week we were doing timed miles.  I happen to have a little non-verbal competition going with one of the other runners, she was in my last class too, and we were both faster than everyone else.  So, as we tried to outrun each other I created a new mile PR (personal record) at a 9-minute mile.  That’s relatively fast for me.  She was a bit a head of me, but I lasted longer.  In fact, one of the coaches insisted that we move up another level next week as to not unfairly pace the rest of the class.  Hmm, I’m a bit nervous.  Running outside my comfort zone-eek!  I guess I won’t grow if I don’t push myself, but am I really ready to be an “intermediate” runner?

That’s exercise, this is the food.  I’ve been experimenting with my oatmeal by adding protein powder in addition to the almond milk, vanilla, and pumpkin pie seasoning I let it sit in overnight.  I’m not sure I like the result, it dries the oats out too much.  I only ate about half my breakfast.  Which may have led to my next dilemma: I was starving all day.

Half a breakfast meant I ate my lunch at 10:30, then I ate my pre-run snack at 1:45, then actually left the office to pick up some soup at 4pm.  After my run I met up with some friends in town from North Carolina and Philadelphia, I had a beer, which ended up being dinner–I’m glad I had that soup earlier!


Oatmeal with almond milk, protein powder, peanut butter, banana


Sandwich: Whole wheat sourdough, grilled turkey breast, hummus, red pepper, arugala


Oh my god, why didn’t anyone tell me Luna Bars were so good? Although, I think I like the lemon zest flavor better, this one definitely satiated my sweet tooth.


Chicken noodle soup


Pabst Blue Ribbon