I’m so excited that it’s August!

Where did July go?  No matter, I’m glad it’s over with.  It wasn’t a bad month, au contraire, it was just a busy month, a hectic month, a month with very few hours of sleep and many many muscle cramps in my noggin’.  It was also a month that I did not focus as much as I had hoped on completing my monthly resolutions.

For those of you that are new to my blog,  every month I make resolutions.  New Years only comes once a year, and can be somewhat overwhelming sometimes, albeit quite inspiring.  Instead, every month I start out with goals for the next 28-31 days.  Sometimes they’re small reminders to take pleasure in the little things, sometimes their steps toward larger goals.  It’s just a little way I encourage myself to regularly take stock of my life and work toward making it more fulfilling.

Last month was focused mainly on getting back into my skinny jeans, and I can say that I have lost about one pants size since June and am feeling pretty good about that.  I did get back to the gym, instead of working out at home, in fact I even started braving the “Big Man” room at my gym.  At my current gym, there are two weight rooms: the weight room for the normal folk, and the weight room that is meant for the real bodybuilders.  Well, I’m a real body builder, or at least, there are certainly some machines I have outgrown in the “normal folks” room.  I’m not saying I’m not intimidated, I’m just saying I’m choosing to look beyond my intimidation and rock out with the Smith Machine.

I also upped my cardio, and left the sugar behind.  The one area I really “failed” in my July resolutions was in the no alcohol goal.  Sometimes a girl just needs a drink.

Well, no worries, it’s a new month and I’m fairly happy with my ability to adhere to my gym and yoga schedule even with the increase in my workload.  Also, I conquered headstands and forearm stands.  I’m still working on getting into a handstand unassisted, but I think August is my month.

What’s in store for August?

Good question.  I think I’m committing August to organizing.

I by nature am organized, but I think I need to rethink my current schedule, now that there’s more on my work plate.

  1. Plan my day ahead of time.  This means the night before I’m getting all first day of school: Prepare lunch, clothes, meal plan, exercise schedule.  That way when I wake up in the morning I don’t have to worry about the little things and can get right to work/gym.
  2. Budget.  Man, I have made this resolution sooooo many times, and never stuck to it.  I am good at many things, but budgeting is not one of them.  I even got out of debt a few months ago, only to find myself right back in debt.  I came up with a budget last month but didn’t exactly adhere to it, this month is a fresh financial start.  I need to stick to a budget.
  3. Create an editorial calendar.  Usually, the way my freelance projects work is that my editors tell me when they want stuff and I do it.  I think, with multiple balls in the air, I need to create my own editorial schedule so I can prepare better for deadlines.
  4. Meal planning.  Usually I rely on meal planning only when I’m feeling out of control of my diet.  I do feel like I’m pretty okay with food these days, but I think just having a game plan for food will be helpful, especially when stress eating seems like a super-duper great idea.
  5. Update my resume/website.  If any of you have been to my “work” website www.kimberlyraemiller.com, well it’s kind of out of date.  I have a terrible habit of not updating it, which really does me a disservice in terms of acquiring new projects.  One weekend this month I’m going to sit down, turn on some music, and start reformatting.
  6. Get running.  I’ve upped my running a lot recently, but I’ve just committed myself to two 5ks next month.  While I know physically I can do it, mentally I still don’t think of myself as a runner and am afraid I’ll show up on race day and suck wind.  I need to work on my running ego, which means more running!

Yeah, as far as inspirational resolutions go, August is on the lame side.  Sorry, but right now, it’s what needs to be focused on in my life.  What are your resolutions for this last month of summer?