My brain has been totally fried for a few days now, and it’s left me a bit frazzled, a bit scattered, I really do feel bad for anyone who has dared try to engage me in conversation.

I woke up today, my day off, and decided that enough was enough.  No amount of money is worth losing my mind, so I took off completely from responsibility and just did exactly what I wanted to do today.  Which apparently was exercise…a lot.  I didn’t originally set out to spend the majority of my day in the gym, it just felt really good to work out the stress that has been building all week, and somehow really helped me collect my thoughts.

Here’s a breakdown in a work free day for me:

Woke up at 8am (super late for me)
Had a meeting at 9:30am
4.5 Mile Run at 10:30 followed by strength training
60 minute Spin Class at noon
at 1:30 upon leaving the gym I stopped by my favorite Chinese takeout place and got steamed shrimp and broccoli over brown rice (no sauce)
Ate, read a trashy novel about werewolves,  took a nap
5:30-7pm Yoga Class
Followed by dinner, more reading with intermittent moments of Food Network watching.

Today was exactly what I needed, I finally feel like my head is in working order again.


Brown rice, steamed shrimp and broccoli, a healthy dose of hot sauce


Seriously, these mini-meatloaves are never ending!
Turkey meatloaf
Zucchini and summer squash “fries”