Wow, that resolution I made on Monday to take a few minutes a day to blog really worked out.

Luckily, at the end of this week this new project of mine will officially launch, which will mean adhering to some sort of “normal” non-soul-crushing editorial schedule in the future.  The truth is, even if I manage my time right now, I can’t manage my brain–I feel completely drained in the brainwave department.  I’m taking this weekend to relax, really relax, not my normal “relax by prepping for the week ahead.”

Until then though, I’m borderline lobotomized.  Perhaps not the best week to initiate a conversation with me.  I am however trying to maintain a normal gym schedule.  This morning I hit up a spin class and did some strength training, and yesterday I took my last running class!  Well, only sort of my last as I’m moving up to the next level next week, but it was my last of this session and I’m a total running superstar.  I even passed Eliot Spitzer also running in Central Park.

Well, at least, I think it was Eliot Spitzer–dude was kind of sweaty.  A few weeks ago I could have sworn I saw Malcolm Gladwell running as well.  Perhaps when I’m running I expend so much energy that I become delusional.  Could be, or I could just live in a city with lots of folks, some of whom have been heard of before.

Although, delusions could be a reality right now.  Last night I went to an WNBA game with my aunt (who is a huge NY Liberty fan), and at one point I started imagining them all playing basketball in tutus. Then I started laughing and my aunt looked at me like I was nuts.  Which is possibly true.  I’m cracking–I think I might need sleep.

This is total nonsensical babble.  I’m sorry.  I’m going to try to do some more work before bed, and perhaps attempt comprehensive thought tomorrow.

Tuesday Breakfast

Shredded wheat with strawberries and almond milk




More turkey meatloaf, that’s a shocker!

Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, oil & vinegar


Veggie burger, 1/2 avocado, egg, hot sauce

Tuesday Breakfast

1/2 cup egg whites, salsa, 1/2 avocado
Whole grain bread


Salmon avocado roll


Steamed shrimp and broccoli over brown rice