Let’s start this week off with a bang shall we?

I have a super awesome giveaway for all you Wii owners.  Sorry non-Wii owners, I will find something to tickle your fancy soon.

I have a copy of the new 10-Minutes Solutions DVD made for Wii.  I’m partial to this video, because I’m partial to Jessica Smith, the instructor.  Look, I never said I didn’t play favorites, and Jessica is definitely one of my favorite DVD instructors.

One lucky person will win a copy of 10-Minute Solutions Knockout Body, which can be used with or without the Wii Fit board.  In the comments tell me why you love your Wii and if you use it to workout.  I’ll choose a winner next Monday.

Now, onto life.  This weekend was full of food and more than a little fun.  I went out to the Hamptons on Saturday for my friend’s baby shower.  She’s the cutest/most-rational pregnant woman I have ever seen.  I can’t wait to babysit!

There was a ton of amazing food at the party, and I ate my weights worth in BBQ.  I burned a little off with hula hooping though:

and headstanding…

Please excuse the quasi-flashing action happening here.  Damn gravity.

I continued working off some of that BBQ at the gym Monday morning.  Then spent the rest of my day writing, writing, writing, with a little eating thrown in for good measure.


Shredded wheat with almond milk and banana


Vegetable barley soup (I <3 my crockpot)

Grilled turkey breast


Apple sauce and almonds


I didn’t take pictures of dinner because I was out and about and it would have been weird had I broken out my camera.  I did however have:

Wine, Cheese, Bread, Pizza (which is also basically cheese and bread)

Yup, I’m a beacon of health.