Get ready for another of my super-duper-Kim-might-be-going-nuts-hokey-posts.  But first: I did a headstand (not handstand) today without assistance.


Okay, maybe I’m not amazing, but I feel amazing and feel super accomplished in my yoga practice.  Hurrah!

Now, on to my crazy ramblings…

I had another yoga rumination.  I think I must be feeling particular reflective these days.  This week has been crazy, lots of work and responsibility, and life, and crazy, and crazy, and crazy–and I’ve just had a lot to juggle.  I have been definitely relying on my last yoga reflection that there’s no room for negativity in my life, and that has certainly helped but that doesn’t necessarily change the amount of work I have on my plate.  So today in my most luxurious of Friday afternoon yoga classes, that was themed around support, I sort of flashbacked back to a moment from another yoga class, a Bikram yoga class I had many years ago.  The teacher said something that always stuck with me, she said, “The floor is beneath you.”

Uh, duh.  Of course the floor is beneath me, if it were above me it would be the ceiling.  Right?

Wrong, I took that statement so very much to heart in a totally different way, I took it more like “There is something below you.  You may fall, but you won’t go very far, there’s something there supporting all your weight.”  So, in present moment yoga class I started thinking about how much support I have.

Sometimes it is so easy to get paralyzed by the fear of failure: what if I don’t succeed?

What if I don’t?

Nothing is really going to happen in all honesty.  I have family that supports me unwaveringly. I have friends that would let me crash with them in a heart beat. I sincerely doubt I will ever be homeless (knock on wood).  I have an education,  that while it cost me a pretty penny that I will be paying off till the day I die, no one can ever take away from me.  If I fail, what do I lose?  I could lose some stuff, I could lose my routine, and possibly a bit of ego, but in the end I have a floor beneath me, I have the support I need to stand up again and get my footing.

I told you, I’ve been feeling particularly reflective these days.  For some reason, the idea that there is always something there, holding me up, both literally and figuratively is really comforting.

I know I lapsed in the blogging for a couple of days, but for the sake of simplicity I’m just going to post today’s food.  Exercise wise, I took an hour long spin class with a friend and 90-minutes of yoga.


Whole wheat wrap with 1/2 cup egg whites, 1/2 avocado, salsa, low fat cheese


Hummus, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, hard boiled egg


I skipped dinner.  It was just one of those days.