Do you ever have thoughts that are super-duper corny if said out-loud, but are really comforting and make oodles of sense when said safely within the confines of your own brain?

Yes?  Good, I’m not alone in this one.  Yesterday I was offered another writing job (which will be secret until further notice).  I’m a little nervous about the added workload because I’m focusing really hard on being less like the creepy dude from The Shining.

Last night as I lay in savasana at the end of my yoga class I got to thinking: I have no room for negativity in my life.  And I don’t mean that in a self-help book kind of way, but in that if I’m going to achieve the things I want to, negativity, and wallowing in doubt and concerns are only going to eat into my productivity.  If I’m going to make the most of the opportunities in my life right now I’ve got to keep things light and positive, or the whole little life I’ve created for myself is bound to feel a bit overwhelming.

I’m not sure why thinking that very simple mantra, “NO ROOM FOR NEGATIVITY” made everything seem a lot clearer and more manageable.  Like I said, sometimes things make total sense in your brain, but once they are let loose on society seem super hokey.

My weekend was both positive and hokey, I went out to Long Island to spend a girls day out shopping at Shecky’s.  This has become a little summer time tradition with my friends, it’s a fun day of shopping (although I didn’t buy anything), and cocktails (although I didn’t drink anything), and a super awesometastic shwag bag…oh, and of course bonding time with my lady friends.

On Sunday, I bonded with my most favoritist of ladies, my mom.  The two of us went to see a regional theatre production of Hairspray, then we allowed my dad to join back in the festivities and went out to a local Greek restaurant, which surprising had very healthy fare, I had steamed salmon and vegetables.  Who knew!


Oatmeal made with almond milk, vanilla, and pumpkin pie spice
1/2 grapefruit


The other half


Turkey Chili (yup, still going…it was like the never ending pot of chili)


Apple sauce and almonds


Left over salmon and steamed veggies