For a minute there I was starting to think I was famous in Austria and Germany, because holy web traffic batman, I have been getting a ton of hits from those German speaking countries.  Now, I love me some Austria and Germany, but I was pretty doubtful of their reciprocation of that love.  With exception, of course, to one particular Austrian in Chicago.

As it turns out, there is some sort of extreme running & cycling  event going down in Austria called the KiM Challenge (Kim standing for KulTour in Motion).  If you have Googled “Kim Challenge” in search of sports registration, you should hit up, and good luck to you.

Sigh, I was secretly imagining that I was totally famous in the countries of my ancestors, and that I would go on some sort of international blogging tour where I would gather with people and we would all take pictures of our lunch, and laugh at how charmingly banal our existences are.


Thursday morning I got up early, actually at regular time, but early for the rest of the world and went running.  When my workout was over I got a little surprise from my Nike+iPod, Lance Armstrong coming through my earbuds to tell me it was my longest run yet!  It was a little over 3 miles, and not the longest I’ve ever run, but the longest I’ve run with my Nike+ apparently.  I don’t know why I get such a kick out this little gadget, but it’s SO motivating.

Now that I am officially a runner, hehehe, I signed up for another race.  I signed up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in September.  It’s a 5K, and I’m hoping to get some friends on board to raise money for breast cancer research while simultaneously raising the drop rate of our buttocks. I think it’s a good plan.

Here’s the Thursday recap:


1/2 cup egg whites, 1/2 avocado, tomato


Nectarine, almonds


Miso soup, salad

Sushi plate


Plain Greek yogurt with walnuts and blueberries

(technically I’m allergic to blueberries, or at least I was when I was younger, but I’ve been trying to experiment with eating them more.  Good news: I’m not dead.