How was everyone’s holiday weekend? (That is, all of you in the US–I know not all my readers are American, but it was a pretty big holiday weekend over here.)

I for one was surprised at how willingly healthy all my friends were regarding holiday barbequing.  On Saturday, my posse came in for a birthday barbeque in honor of my BFF.  Since it was at my house, everyone referred to me regarding what they should bring, and let me tell you the line up was quite healthy:

  • Grilled Turkey Burgers (for me), beef for everyone else
  • Chicken kabobs
  • Fruit Salad
  • Garden Salad
  • Grilled squash and mushrooms

There was strawberry shortcake for dessert, but as far as birthday cakes go that’s not too bad on the health front.


We had an uninvited guest…the rare jungle cat of Brooklyn.

I really was kind of amazed that there were no complaints regarding the healthier fare.  Maybe I underestimate everyone else’s enjoyment of healthy food.

My friends even made a little addition to my to do list:

Yup, I’ll get right on that

It’s 100 degrees in New York City today.  That very rarely happens.  Heat doesn’t really bother me, but I really wished I had shaved my legs because it was a good skirt day.  Instead I opted for my classic black slacks.  And I was glad I did, because it was some very positive reinforcement.  My pants have been a bit tight for a while now, but since the beginning of June I’ve dropped 8lbs, and subsequently my size 8 pants are now fitting perfectly.  No muffin top here!

That is just the best feeling in the world–fitting back in my pants.  It’s a glorious thing, especially because I’m pretty sure my AMEX account is not particularly interested in a shopping spree.  At my happiest I tend to range between a 6 and 8.  It feels good to be back in a happy range.  I don’t like to get thinner than a 6 or my boobs disappear.  Priorities.

Back to the heat.  Today was running class day, running class in 100 degree weather was interesting.  Hardly anyone showed up to class.  Luckily I focused on hydration all day in preparation for my class, and all seemed to go okay. In fact, I was the leader of the pack.  At first my instructor “reminded” me that it was very hot and I should slow down, but the pace we were going was basically a 12-minute mile and that’s borderline impossible for me, I walk faster than that.  Eventually, she said I could go on ahead, and I proceeded at a more natural pace for me.  Honestly, despite the heat, I really felt like it was a good run.

On to the food:


1/2 cup egg whites in an omelet with spinach and tomato


Nectarine, 1/4 cup almonds


Leftover grilled veggies: portobello mushrooms, summer squash and zucchini
Grilled chicken, brown rice


Hard boiled egg
Celery, baby carrots, hummus


The obvious choice for dinner on a 100 degree day is to cook a steeping hot pot of chili, right?

I made the chili with: Ground turkey, onion, garlic, one package frozen spinach, 1 can black beans, 1 can kidney beans, tomato sauce, cumin, extra hot chili powder (check out your local Indian grocery store for this super hot  variety), and paprika

Turkey chili

Salad with lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil