Well, hello there July.  Fancy meeting you here.

I would say for the majority of this blogs lifetime it has focused mostly on eating well, eating rationally, exercising for the fun and well being of it—but keeping a moderate distance from anything that would be considered a D-I-E-T.  I am nothing if not an anti-extremist.  That’s why I’m a little nervous about announcing my July resolutions.

I’ve made no bones recently about the fact that my weight gain in the last year has made me more than a little uncomfortable in my skin.  My July resolutions or resolution really, is to focus on making the changes necessary to get back to a happy weight.

Perhaps you’ve noticed an uptick in exercise in posts, and a noticeable increase in the amount of salads rocking my world lately—this resolution has already started for me, and in the last couple of weeks I’ve dropped 5lbs, and am already starting to feel some pleasant changes in my  body and a little relief in my waistband.

With further ado, July:

  1. Sugar free summer: I am proud to say that since my post a few weeks ago regarding my sincere love of gummy worms—I have not had any candy.  In fact, my goal is to get through the summer without adding sugar to my diet that doesn’t come in the form of fruit.  So far so good, let’s see how it goes.
  2. Back to the weight room.  For the last few months my strength training of choice has been in the form of exercise DVDs, P90X to be precise.  The problem now is that it’s really warm, too warm for me to work out at home as my apartment is not exactly superduper ventilated.  So, for July my strength training will come in the form of weight room machines, bootcamp classes, and yoga (I don’t care what people say, yoga is good muscle conditioning).
  3. Practice makes perfect.  In the last month I’ve increased my yoga-cizing from once a week to three times a week.  I really feel like that has had a major impact on my body, and my mental health.  Oh, and did I mention  my handstanding?  This week my goal is to hit up class 2-3 times a week, oh and to get up to “handstand on the wall” without assistance.
  4. Drink/Don’t Drink.  Perhaps I’m just getting old, but I’ve noticed lately when I drink I feel it the next day.  That was definitely not something that was ever a reality for me before.  For one month I’m going to go alcohol free, even though I have a lot of social engagements.  On the flip side, I’m going to increase my water intake, aiming for a gallon day.
  5. Cardio 6-days a week.  Now this is a commitment, but I think this will be the clincher for me regarding shedding those unwanted pounds.  I’m never going to be a “dieter”, but I certainly can increase my calorie burn and coupled with the other small changes I’m making I think this resolution will give me the boost I need in rocking out my July resolutions.

Please know that I’m borderline incapable at this point in my life of dieting, instead I’m just focusing on making healthier changes to my life in hopes that I don’t ever have to give up food.  I <3 food too much to break up with it.

What are you resolving this month?