6am spin class in the house!!!

I haven’t worked out in the AM before work in a long time, probably since the days predating The Daily Special.  It has literally been years since I haven’t had work before work.  Technically, I did have work before work today too, but I’m really working on finding some sort of magical balance in life that will allow me to simultaneously be happy in my body again, and a career mastermind.

I don’t know that there is a balance really, right now there are just priorities, and what I’ve realized is that I’ve let work be my priority for too long, and right now it’s okay to let me take priority over deadlines.  I think, perhaps correctly or perhaps incorrectly, that if I’m happy with myself I will be able to feel more at ease and focused on my other priorities.  Incidentally, I still made all my deadlines, I just made them on a different schedule.  Maybe there is something to this whole prioritizing of myself thing.

I decided an AM workout was in order because I had plans with a friend for dinner.  Because I am working on my body, and feeling all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings toward it again, those plans consisted of me cooking dinner and the two of us dining in my backyard and sipping mineral water.  It was really a lovely night!

Now, back to AM workouts.  Usually, I’m a PM exerciser out of neccesity, because I have to work in the morning.  Exercise at night makes me sleep like a baby.  Well AM workouts make me hungry.  I don’t know if it’s mental or physical, but when I workout in the morning I am sooooooo much hungrier the rest of the day.  This doesn’t happen when I workout at my most preferred time of early afternoon (an indulgence that only really happens on the weekend), and it doesn’t happen at night…just morning.

Super hungry day for me.  Even though I’d pretty much had my day pre-packed and scheduled I still fantasized about oooey gooey brie, and Chinese takeout.  Morning exercisers, do your AM workouts whet your appetite for the rest of the day?


Plain non-fat Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts


Salad with arugala, tomato, cucumber, beets, sunflower seeds, grilled turkey breast
olive oil and vinegar


2 kiwis


Veggie burger with avocado and egg
Grilled fennel