I had the most amazing run last night.

It was super hot, which made me nervous…and I hadn’t been to running class in two weeks and in that time our distance had more than doubled, which also made me nervous.  But, I can honestly it was the best run of my life.

I think can possibly be due to these possible circumstances:

  1. I was running unplugged from my iPod, which allowed me to drift outside the maze of my mind and just take in my surroundings.
  2. Running a longer distance allowed me to get into the zone more.
  3. I was running outside, on a dirt path that was simultaneously harder than a treadmill in regard to form, but way easier on my knees than running on pavement.
  4. All of the above

Whatever it was, it felt amazing, and I felt accomplished when I was done.  I didn’t even mind the girl babbling at our running instructor behind me about how her boyfriend broke up with her on her Saturday run, and then proceeded to tell the whole class about it, and how she lost six pounds since then, during our ending stretch.

Normally I’d be a little put off by random over-sharing, but I just took it in stride.  I’ve been her before.  New breakups are hard and can increase your babble capacity.

I felt bad for her, but I felt great for me.  I wanted to leave class and tell everyone how awesome running is.  Instead I settled on going home to catch up on TrueBlood.


Smoothie with almond milk, banana, frozen peach and mango slices, vanilla whey protein
Coffee with almond milk and truvia


Salad with arugala, tomatoes, chickpeas, olives, grilled turkey and cucumber
oil and vinegar


(I also had some mixed nuts and dried apricots that went unphotographed)


Grilled halibut and roasted asparagus