I did a handstand!

Okay, it was an assisted handstand, but I was there, standing on my hands for a good twenty seconds.  That is a major yoga goal of mine.  I’m pretty sure my lack of hand-standing skills is mostly mental, so I’m hoping that now that I’ve officially done it my brain will stop trying to tell me that I shouldn’t do it.  See brain…standing on ones hands is completely normal!

Obviously, in last night’s class I felt super accomplished, which is kind of funny because everything about it was a little off.  First, I ran around my apartment looking for my yoga mat, which doesn’t take much running because my apartment isn’t very big.  How one loses their yoga mat and bag is beyond me, but well I’m a talented girl.  I made some phone calls and realized I left it at a restaurant on Friday night.  No time to pick it up as I was already in danger of being late for class…that’s a project for this evening.

Then once class started I knew immediately that this was going to be a rough on my body type class.  I think the bootcamps and spin classes of the weekend made for super tight leg muscles because those suckers fought me every step of the class—lucky for me it was a leg-centric day.  I mean, even lotus pose was kind of a challenge.

None of my yoga spaziness matters because I DID A HANDSTAND.  Did I mention I did a handstand?  I did.  A handstand.  Yup.


Egg white frittata with tomato and spinach

Unphotographed snack

Banana (it got a bit manged in my bag and I decided it would be best not to have photographic evidence of my produce abuse)


Salad with grilled turkey breast, peppers, carrots, black olives, chickpeas, and oil & vinegar


Mini smoothie with almond milk, 1/2 banana, peach slices, and 1/2 scoop protein powder


Grilled Halibut, roasted asparagus