Please excuse my random lapse in blogging, last week was INSANE!

Thursday I got home super late and promised myself that I would blog first thing in the morning, but doncha know I was out the door super early to run a bunch of errands, including an audition for a job that I will be very happy to tell you all about in NOVEMBER.  Until then, mums the word, but it’s a very interesting project…and it pays money, and not the monopoly kind.

Friday night was the world premiere of Colin Hearts Kay, which is the frigginamazingifIdosaysomyself film that I have a small part in.  It was such a great night, and great film, and I’m so grateful that Sebastian and Ben Conley, the super talented brother duo that produced the film for letting me be a part of it.  It was also a great night of hanging out with friends, and readers!  Hi Anna and Martha!

There was a line to get in!

Sold out!

My friends are amazing and hilarious

Signing autographs, pretending to be famous

Getting Cozy with the Conleys

Ben “Comment Boy” Conley

Sebastian Conley–AKA Mr. POP

The rest of the weekend was more of the same, I went to every showing of the film, and each time it got better.  There was also copious partying going on.  I’m getting way too old to pretend to be cool, doesn’t the world know that I’m a Netflix loving homebody?

I’m really so proud of the production, Colin Hearts Kay won the audience choice award at the festival, as well as an award for the director, Sebastian, for best editing and cinematography.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, it’s premiering at the Roxie theater tonight (although, I believe it’s sold out), and they’ve added an encore performance closing night, which is this Thursday!

Meanwhile, I’m running on a total of 6-hours of sleep for the entire weekend and am feeling a little bit like the walking dead.  I’m calling in famous tomorrow, and sleeping in.

I ended my night with a 90 minute yoga class, which pretty much was like foreplay for sleep…so relaxing!


Smoothie with almond milk, vanilla protein powder, banana, mixed berries

AM Snack




Salad with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, beets, chickpeas, grilled chicken
Lemon vinaigrette

Afternoon Snack

Baby carrots with hummus


I forwent dinner for sleep.  I’m not promoting skipping meals, I was just too tired to eat.