My mom is right about many things, one being: you shouldn’t wear heavy earings because it will stretch out your lobes.  Another, more appropriate to my blog, being: there are some things you can’t give up.  For her it’s Pepsi and real salad dressing…for me it’s buffalo wings.

Now, it’s not like I binge on buffalo wings on a regular basis.  There are plenty of moments in life that I can choose wings but instead choose a less heart clogging alternative, it’s just that Hooters isn’t one of those moments.  Salad at Hooters is sacrilege. I love Hooters, and while I’m trying to shed the 20 lbs that somehow came into my life over the last year, I refuse to order a salad in the presence of orange hotpants and sports.

I’ve had a date for Hooters planned with my friend Evan for over a month now.  This morning, dreading my poor timing in reservation making I started to look at the menu online in search of healthy opportunities.  I had resolved myself to a dinner of oyster and garden salad, pretty woefully, in my mind.  Somewhere around  four o’clock I decided that was just stupid.  Hooters is one of my favorite things in life, and I only have it (err, maybe 6-12 times a year, okay that sounds like a lot).  I exercise like a fiend and deserve a little hot sauce for my hard work.

So, my traditional Hooters dinner I ate.  It was perfect.  Then I went home and did p90X for over an hour.  Not necessarily Tony Horton approved, but he’s not here.


Whole grain toast with 1% cottage cheese and tomato



Besides Hooters, I had plans for a lunch “out”.  Whenever I’m going to indulge I like to keep it constrained to one day.  We went to Sarabeth’s Kitchen, where I had scrambled eggs, spinach and ham for lunch.


Wings.  Tried as I might I couldn’t finish them.

Same with the fries.