Guilty pleasure admission time.  I really like Celtic Thunder.

Can’t help it, whenever I see this amalgamation of man-band on TV I get sucked in.  That’s what happened today as I decided to relax a little while I waited for my tofu to bake and rice to boil; I turned on the TV and don’t you know PBS was running a Celtic Thunder special.  They somehow make “I’ll be watching you” less stalkery, more “I’m just gonna keep an eye out on ya, make sure you’re okay.”

Okay, enough of that.  Those cheery Irishmen always make me smile.

Any musical guilty pleasures you’re just dying to get off your chest?

The rest of today wasn’t quite as full of harmonizing men, but it was still good.  I had my third running class.  Ironically, this is the class where I finally started feeling challenged and this was the class where the instructor told me to move up to the more advanced class next week.

Some people like to start hard and push themselves to keep up, when it comes to fitness stuff; I tend to like to start easy and perfect each level on my way to mastery.  I’m always really afraid of injury and/or embarrassment if I can’t keep up.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do next week.  Perhaps I’ll go for a few longer runs over the rest of this week and decide if I think I can handle the harder class.


Smoothie with almond milk, protein powder, banana and mixed berries

AM Snack

Hard boiled egg


Salad with lettuce, cucumber, carrots, chick peas, apple, grilled chicken and lemon vinaigrette

PM Snacks


Carrots and hummus


Stir fry with tofu, onions, broccoli, Trader Joe’s General Tso’s sauce
Brown rice