I’m going to swallow my snarky, self-righteous pride right here and say that I loved Body by Bethenny, the exercise DVD via Kristin McGee and Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel. I literally laughed out loud, and not in the LOL sense, but in the “there was audible noise coming from my mouth with the slight twinge of merriment at multiple points during said exercise experience” sense. “Boob-to-Knee Pose” and “Darth Vader breathing” have never felt so good.

The 55-minute DVD consists of three segments: Yoga (40 minutes); Strength Training (10 minutes); Booty Bonus (5 minutes). Obviously, the focus of this DVD is the yoga, and it’s really good yoga. It’s challenging, and thorough, with a definite focus on strength building. Plus, it’s just funny. Bethenny just kind of says what we’re all thinking about super gorgeous, bendy, all-around perfect Kristin McGee, who she dubs a “Yogarama.” And she continues to redefine the yoga lexicon with gems like “Boob-to-Knee Pose”, and “Darth Vader” breathing. She also just takes a break and lets Kristin do the heavy bending when she wants. The whole DVD sort of has this feel of two popular girls hanging out in spandex bantering. There are moments when it seems that Kristin opts for the “If you have nothing nice to say, smile and nod” approach to Bethenny’s commentary, but that just sort of adds to the funny.

The strength training segments are seriously light on lifting. Six arm strengthen exercises performed in two, 12-rep sets, followed by a booty bonus, which consists of leg lifts and squats. Nothing you’ve never seen before. Bethenny even admits that she doesn’t really do all those exercises all the time, but she probably should. If nothing else the girl is honest.

I hate myself a little for liking this so much. Bethenny, I’ll do yoga with you any day, but my Housewives loyalty lies with New Jersey.