Photo Credit: Flickr Neloqua

May was wonderful but I’m ready for it to be June.  Lucky for me it is.

I took a much needed break from achieving this month.  I slept a lot, I read a lot, and I pampered myself more than usual. That was all sort of the plan, I had definitely been running on all cylinders for a long time, and it was really wearing me down.  I can’t say I achieved much of anything in May other than lightening up the bags under my eyes and that’s a-okay.  I got manicured, massaged, pedicured, and waited on.  I phoned it in a bit more than usual in regard to my writing jobs (bi-golly I hope none of my editors are reading this), and definitely didn’t exactly push myself at the gym.

I can’t say that I anticipated taking as much time off from goal-setting as I did, but in the end my body took what it needed, and now it needs to focus.  I crave the structure of my normal routine, the early mornings, and the pre-scheduled sweat sessions.  May was exactly what I needed, but now I’m ready to set my alarm clock again.

So what’s in store for me for June?  I’m glad you asked, here are my resolutions:

  1. AM workouts.  Lately, my fitness schedule has been all over the map but that needs to change for practical reasons.  With the warmer weather tends to come a more active social life.  I’m not exactly bragging here, I’m just acknowledging the fact that as soon as the mercury rises people tend to be more interested in grabbing drinks after work or strolling around the park.  If I’m going to get and keep my booty in prime short wearing form, I need to manage my pre-work hours more efficiently.
  2. Write twice a week.  I write every day, but if I’m going to stay on track with my personal writing goals I need to dedicate time in my calendar to writing.  Lucky for me my writing partner is back from a work hiatus, so I’m back to once weekly sharing sessions with her—I need those deadlines.
  3. Transition away from meat.  I’m not sure when it happened, but I definitely increased my meat consumption a lot in the last few months.  I’m not a vegetarian, and most likely never will be, but I tend to function best when I see meat as a sometimes food and not necessarily a daily staple.  I still have some stores in my freezer that I’m going to try to use up, and then see if I can go back to a mostly-veggie lifestyle.
  4. Audition. Apply. Focus on the future.  I may have taken a month off from achieving but it really only served to reinforce in me the fact that I want to change the direction of my life.  It’s time to get my nose back to the grindstone and start sending out headshots and resumes again.  It’s sometimes grueling to always put yourself out there, more often than not only to be rejected, but it’s a routine that I miss.
  5. Go bare-legged.  I love summer dresses.  To me the best part of summer is the wardrobe.  I absolutely love wearing easy-breezy summer dresses.  It’s the closest thing to walking around naked.  Sometimes I feel bad for guys that they can’t (well then can, but they might be looked at funny) really experience the pure joy of summer dresses.  I’m taking full advantage.
  6. Be more budget conscious.  I need to sit down ASAP and come up with a livable budget, and I need to start living within it.  I’m terrible at budgeting, but I need to focus more on my finances if I’m going to free myself from the confines of my evil jobby-job once and for all.

June seems pretty darn ambitious, especially after last month where I resolved to get a massage and go to the doctor.  I think after an entire month of lounging about I could use this little responsibility bootcamp.  What are your goals for June 2010?