Ramen soup and a banana is not a typical breakfast for me, but to be honest, I was hungover and it was the only junk food I had in the house.  Somehow drinking too much automatically means that I need to fill my body with absolute crap the next morning.  It’s just the way it is.

Last night started out totally wholesome,  I met up with my friend Sarah for a meditation class, then we went to a new pizza place in the hood, and then met up with her husband for a nightcap (or 367 nightcaps).  Damn you Dark and Stormies!

I so want to be a meditative mastermind, but I don’t think that’s a reality. Quelling the inner workings of my mind might be a feat too big for one poor yoga instructor.  I’m not good at doing things without a solid end goal in mind, and with meditation that’s just not the way it works–or at least I think it’s not the way it works, I really have no idea.  Mostly I just sit there thinking “stop thinking”.  I do think there’s real value in meditation, this may not be the last I’ve seen of deep breathing and soft focuses.

Obviously when enlightenment wasn’t reached we opted for alcohol, which is pretty close to enlightenment only with more calories.  I think that as I get older my tolerance for alcohol is certainly decreasing because this morning I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  The ramen helped, at least psychosomatically.

Honestly my usual hangover breakfast is a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, but I just wasn’t in the mood to leave the comfort of my PJs in search of calorically abhorrent sustenance.  Do you have a typical hangover food?


Ramen soup and banana


Roasted asparagus
Panini: whole grain pita, baba ganouj, tomato, roasted red pepper


Baked tofu, psuedo fried rice with brown rice, egg, onion, peas
Steamed broccoli