I was just the crankiest creature on the planet yesterday.

A bunch of little yet somehow overwhelmingly annoying things came to light, and they squashed my general optimism.  Just call me the Crankmeister.

I’ll get over it.  Every once and a while you just need a day to be in a funk.  Today my BFF is coming into the city to spend the day, which is bound to make me the happiest, so I’ve got that to look forward to.  Also, it’s a 4-day weekend for me with very little planned besides a run and a meditation class with a friend.  I want to get some writing done, clean my apartment, and load up my new iPod.  It sounds downright lavish in its low keyness.

But, for now I’m embracing my funk, and I’ve decided to make a list of things that annoy me…in general.

  • People that don’t say thank you when you hold the door for them.  I know it’s not a huge thing, and kind of expected in society, but it’s nice to acknowledge people.
  • When people call me by the wrong name (this goes double for my Mom—I’m an only child, as far as I’m concerned there’s no excuse).
  • People who yell at parents when their kid is crying.  I’ve seen this happen a few times on the subway.  Umm, kids cry and stressing the parent out isn’t going to make them stop, it’s just going to make them hostile to their kids.  When you were a kid you cried, and it annoyed people, consider it payback.
  • People who like to comment on other peoples weight gain.  How is that appropriate?  If I’ve gained weight, chances are I know it and I’m going to assume that the rest of the general public does too?  Do these people want an apology or explanation?  So gauche.
  • Using the wrong tense of forget/forgot/forgotten.  Other words notsomuch, only this one.

Whew, that kind of felt good.  Getting all that off my chest.  In general, I like to go for a fairly pleasant demeanor, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments.  You can vent too!  What are your little life annoyances?


Egg white omelet with muenster


Turkey Sandwich with muenster on whole grain bread


Greek yogurt with trail mix

Orange (not pictured)