I know my way around a computer fairly well, but at the end of the day I’m not a techie.  I think because I’m tethered to a computer 20-hours a day, I actually want to keep some emotional space from technology once-and-a-while.

I am so not an early adaptor, I’m of the school of “if it ain’t broke, don’t buy a new one”, which is why I have had the same iPod Mini since 2005.  I remember saving all the money I made from my first paid job as an actor and buying an iPod, the same way I saved all my tips from waitressing to buy my first car at 16 (obviously I made more money waiting tables).  Oh, how I’ve loved and cared for that iPod, I even named it—Sam.  Sam, my green little beacon of joy and music.

Sam died.  Well, Sam is in the process of dying.  He just can’t muster up a charge anymore, and sometimes Sam gets too tired to finish out a song.  I’ve decided to let Sam go, as painful as that may be.

So, at lunch, I hit up the Apple store.  I know everyone loves Apple, but I consider it a kind of cult, and am very leery of getting on their bandwagon thankyouverymuch.  (Apple lovers feel free to berate me in the comments, I know it’s coming 😉 )Having said that, I spent way too much money there in about half an hour.

First, I researched iPod choices on-line.  I read that a portion of the sales of the red Nano go to an AIDS charity, so I decided to get that one.  At the end of the day, it’s just a color, but if a few bucks of my purchase can go toward helping someone, somewhere, then that seems like the obvious choice, right?  Right.

All I was going to get was the Nano, but then I realized that I needed an arm band for running.  My current one certainly wasn’t going to fit.  Yup, another $30.  Then, I saw something I needed.

I needed it like I needed Gap jeans in the 8th grade, that kind of need.  It’s a chip that you put in your sneaker and measures your mileage, pace, and calories burned while you run and the info is fed into your iPod, and then you can download it and track it on your computer!

This is a lot of technology for a non-techie!  Then, I realized I don’t have the specially designated Nike shoe for this product, but no worries, the magical world of the internets has allowed for me to purchase a little pouch for my shoe laces to carry the magical little sensor (for a whopping $3).  I won’t have the pouch till next week, but once I do, you best be believin’ I’m going to be running everywhere just to play with it.

Disclaimer: Yesterday I posted about the joys of meal planning, today I was a disaster at it.  I woke up completely without appetite so figured I’d listen to my body and skip breakfast.  I had plans to meet a friend for lunch, but he ended up being called into a lunchtime work meeting, so I was on my own for lunch.  For dinner, most went according to plan except that my avocados weren’t good anymore.  Sigh, the best laid plans.


Frozen yogurt with strawberries and blackberries


Banana Nut Bread Larabar (not pictured)


Veggie burger, egg, leftover brown rice all doused in hot sauce