I confess, my blogging has been a bit willy-nilly lately.  It’s been a busy few weeks, and yesterday, well yesterday wasn’t busy at all, so I have no excuse.

I got up in the morning and went straight to the day spa.  This is how life is meant to be lived people!  I’m off from work for Shavout, which is a Jewish holiday, and I work for a Jewish non-profit, so we have lots of random days off.  I decided to take my time off to fulfil my May resolution to get pampered.  I cashed in a gift certificate for a massage a friend gave me for my birthday and spent a whole hour being rubbed down with oil by a nice lady named Randi.

I don’t think there was an ounce of stress left in my body after that, then I took a really long shower at the spa and headed to a voice lesson.  Damn, I sang well!  I have to say my voice isn’t always reliable; sometimes I’m a really good singer, and sometimes I’m mediocre at best.  I think the massage must have worked some magic, or I was just too relaxed  to make my common mistakes because I think I sounded better than I ever have ever.  Even my voice teacher looked at me like I’d been inhabited by aliens.

Note to self: get massages before auditions.

Note to self, again: that could get really expensive, maybe just get a boyfriend who will massage you before auditions.

Sometime between the end of my massage, and the end of my voice lesson the Brooklyn International Film Festival released their schedule, and when I checked my blackberry, my friend Larissa had already gotten word of the release of my film and sent a mass email out to all our friends.  First I laughed because she knew before I did, then I felt really lucky to have such great friends.  Then, I hit up a cafe so I could send a mass email to everyone who has ever met me announcing the release dates of my film in New York.

So, if you live in New York and want to see me on the big screen, Colin Hearts Kay will be showing at the Brooklyn International Film Festival: Friday, June 11th—9PM, and Sunday, June 13th—8pm (closing film of the festival. For tickets visit:http://www.brooklynfilmfestival.org/films/detail.asp?fid=1014

Basically, I was floating on air yesterday, and didn’t come down in time to blog about it.



Oatmeal with brown sugar, almond butter (I just opened the jar Mara Natha sent me, it’s good, it’s saltier than my last brand, and less goopy), banana.

Iced coffee with Truvia, and 1% milk


Salad with lettuce, cucumber, carrot, beets (hence the fuchsia hue to the salad), olives, fennel, hard boiled egg
Lemon vinaigrette




Cheeseburger.  Some girlfriend’s and I went out to an English Pub to celebrate our friend Amanda’s engagement.  My friends are dropping like flies!



Smoothie with lowfat Kefir, banana, frozen berries


I took myself out to lunch after my voice lesson: salad with cucumber, tomato, onion, olives, tuna, balsamic vinaigrette
Iced coffee with soy milk


Lentils over brown rice with spiced yogurt