Do you ever have those days that aren’t necessarily special by any means, but are just sort of perfect?

That’s how I felt about this weekend.  First of all, the weather was beautiful.  Actually it was hot and muggy, but that’s how I like my weather so it worked out pretty well for me.

Friday night I hosted a BBQ for the cast and crew of Colin Hearts Kay, a film I played a supporting role in this summer.  We just got word that we were accepted to the Brooklyn International Film Festival, which was ideal because the entire film focuses on Brooklyn.  It was amazing, not to toot my own horn (and really my horn only tooted for a couple of minutes in the movie), but it was really spectacular.  It’s a real movie!  I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.  Hopefully this is the first of a many festival run for this adorable film.  The Brooklyn International Film Festival runs June 4-13, and I’ll be sure to announce the days the film is showing for all you NYC readers.  You know because you totally want to trek to Brooklyn to watch a food blogger get gothed out.

Saturday I hightailed it to Queens to visit a friend who was hosting a very girly tea party full of delightful finger sandwiches, petifores, mini cupcakes, scones and of course tea.  Then, a gaggle of us, in our finest sundresses (I love sundress weather!) took a walk around Astoria park.  It was beautiful; one of those moments, and there are many, that I sighed and thought “I love New York.”

Sunday, I went shopping. I’m all about nesting these days and I bought a pretty little summer bedspread which gave my room a whole new look.  I keep staring at my bed and smiling.  I’m a dork, and a total secret homebody.  After shopping I met up with my aunt and uncle to go see Hair on Broadway.  I’ve never seen it before, not even the movie.  We had amazing seats and I just thought it was totally amazing.  In fact, right after I called my voice teacher to schedule a lesson.  It feels good to be inspired.  So inspired in fact, that I bought tickets to see it again with a co-worker this Wednesday.  Two Hairs in one week!

I acknowledge that it looks kind of Amishy in this picture, but it looks really nice in person.

Now I’m back to the grind.  I’m experimenting with meal planning.  I haven’t planned my week in advance since college, when I was trying to lose enough weight to feel passable before I moved to Los Angeles.  Sunday night, I sat down and planned the entire weeks worth of meals.  What I remember liking about meal planning was that I felt like I never had to think about eating, that I already knew what was in store for me. I’ve been eating more junk food since starting my office job and I feel like I need a little direction in my digestion.


Scrambled egg whites, 2 slices turkey bacon, whole grain toast


Arugala, grilled chicken, kalamata olives, banana peppers, green and red peppers, cucumber and lemon vinaigrette


Apple with peanut butter


Smoothie with 1% Kefir, 1/2 frozen banana, frozen berries, strawberry protein powder