While my last few months worth of resolutions were focused around themes like body love, happiness, and simplifying life, this month I’m taking a more proactive approach.  We’re almost half way through 2010, and in order to make sure my second half of the year is right on track I am declaring May the month of loose ends. This month I’m focusing on nixing all those things I should have done days, weeks, months, or years ago.  Fresh start, isn’t that what a resolution is all about?

  1. Break up with my ex boyfriends.  True story: I’m friends with the majority of my exes.  Some are close friends; some are acquantencey friends, but friends they are. My problem is that I never have big, angry, dramatic breakups.  I tend to have nice civilized goodbyes, with the acknowledgements that we were both great people but something was missing/it just couldn’t work/feelings faded, etc.  That makes it difficult to cut people out of your life, and I have definitely always felt like if I care about someone, I don’t need to stop caring about them, I can just re-direct that into a friendship.  I’m starting to feel like this is more trouble and time consuming than it’s worth, and I’ve had some awkward ex-situations recently.  While I certainly still think the majority of my ex-menfriends are really good guys; I think it’s time to cut the strings.  I think this resolution is long overdue.
  2. Call the doctors.  I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in over a year.  I need to get on that.  It’s time for my annual lady parts exam, and well I haven’t seen a doctor for a yearly check up since the summer between high school and college.  It’s time I get that taken care of.
  3. Get my favorite leather purse fixed.  This is self-explainatory, right?  I have a bag, I love it, the strap broke and I’ve been staring at the broken bag for months telling myself I’ll get it fixed oneofthesedays.
  4. Finish the chapter outline for my book.  I’m great at writing a chapter here or a chapter there, but in order to finish my book proposal I really need to get the book plotted out.  Before I do anymore writing I’m going to write my chapter outline—which will hopefully get me focused enough to finish this bad-boy—my goal is to have it ready to send out by the end of summer.
  5. Get a massage & manicure .  Yeah, rough life I have, right?  Well, a friend bought me a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday (which was almost 5-months ago), it’s just been sitting there because I’ve been too busy to get pampered.  That’s just silly, life should definitely consist of more getting naked and letting complete strangers rub you down (hmm, it seems kind of weird when I put it that way, but still so relaxing).  Also, I have a gift certificate for a manicure that expires this month, again, I’ve been too busy to use it.  Why don’t I make more time to just be pampered?  This month it’s going on the calendar.
  6. Stock the fridge with summer foods.  Okay, this resolution doesn’t have anything to do with cleaning up loose ends, but as the weather is warming up I’m craving lighter food.  I happen to be a complete dunce when it comes to seasonal foods, so I’m going to do a little research into what foods are meant to be eaten this time of year. Time to switch to summer food.

Now for my outcome from last month:

  • Write a letter a week: I did this, it was surprisingly fulfilling to ship of a little piece of love every week (sometimes even more than once a week), to remind those in my life how special they are.
  • Say “Hello” and “Good Morning”: I forgot.  Well, I mean, sometimes I said it, but it wasn’t quite the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood lifestyle I thought I would live.  Luckily, there’s plenty of life left to work on my greeting techniques.
  • Stand/Sit Up Straight: I have to say this was the resolution that was on my mind most.  I definitely made the conscious effort to sit up straighter, but there were definite moments where my posture could use some work.  I think this will be an on-going resolution.
  • Comment on blogs more: This one I did, and I felt really proud of.  While I didn’t comment on every blog I read, I commented significantly more than I usually do.  This is one I’m keeping.
  • Spend more time writing: I would say that I did spend more time writing, just not what I intended to.  This past few months have been a huge time for cleaning up my life.  I’ve done a lot of re-organizing personally, and physically.  I’ve purged a ton of stuff from my home and started writing up my new five-year plan.  I’ve spent a lot of time this month editing this little plan of mine.  It’s amazing how much writing went into it (and still does).  Having said that, I didn’t spend much time writing on personal projects.

What are your resolutions for May, as we finish up the first half of 2010?