Yesterday, inspired by a news report that the MegaMillions Jackpot is now $191 million, I played the lottery.

I play the lottery maybe 2-3 times a year with full scale knowledge that I ain’t gonna win a damned thing.  I do it, because for the five minutes after I buy the ticket, and for the five minutes before I check the numbers I fantasize about what life would be like if I didn’t have to worry about cash flow.

I decided to make a fantasy money is no object life list.  Here’s what’s funny:  I really wouldn’t change much.  I’d leave my job in a hot-second, heck I might do that anyway.  I would continue living in my cute little two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, roommate free.  Honestly, my list was strikingly short, and went something like this:

Spend days sipping coffee and writing in coffee shops, and splurging on Americanos instead of regular ole drip coffee
Finish my book proposal(s)!!!!
Buy a new house and car for the folks
Get an iPhone
Personal trainer
Redecorate my office/guest room/home fitness room
Travel wherever, whenever

That’s really all I could think of.

In one sense, it’s kind of a sad list because, well I don’t want anything truly outlandish.  No renaming of my alma mater after me, no giant yacht, heck, I don’t even want to move to Manhattan proper.

In another sense, it’s actually a kind of an uplifting list.  With the exception of my jobby-job, and somewhat satanic blackberry, my life is pretty great.  I have wonderful friends, and family, and readers.  I have a home that I love.  Seriously, the fact that I love my apartment so much is the only thing that has kept me in this evil office job so long.  I have writing jobs that lend me the opportunity to try new things and get paid for it.  I have a well worn passport, that I don’t get to use too often anymore, but I have great memories from when I did.

Sure, life could be way more comfy had I $191 million in the bank, but there’s really nothing on my dream list that is particularly unattainable.  I don’t want any huge life makeover, just some more free time and freedom to fully pursue my goals.

Alas, upon checking the numbers this morning it was revealed to me that I am not in fact a multi-millionaire.  At least, at the end of the day, I know that the things I want I can have in the little lifestyle I have now…well, minus the new house and car for the folks.  Mom, Dad, you’re going to have to wait till I become a star.

Question: If you had a huge windfall of money (presuming you’re not rolling in dough now), what would you buy?  How would it change your life?


My new favorite milkshake, err smoothie: almond milk, peanut butter, frozen banana, and chocolate whey protein


Amy’s Organic Frozen Meal (so unlike me, I know, but I need to buy groceries):
Vegetarian enchilada with beans, rice, and half an avocado


Salad with carrot-ginger dresssing

Alaska Roll

Once again my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I packed up most of this udon soup for lunch later this week.