Whoops, long time no blog. It’s been a whirlwind folks, a whirlwind, the last four days have just been busy, and blogging fell by the wayside.  No worries, I’m back and ready for some serious fooderazzi action.

First of all, let me say, one of my projects while I wasn’t blogging here, was creating a blog for my MOM!  My mom has a blog now, and she’s super cute, and super into it, and it’s just adorable.  Her blog is called Squibbles & Nibbles, and she’s posting about where to get giveaways and deals online, as well as (ahem, just like her daughter) stuff she’s eating. She’s not taking pictures just sharing recipes, but I would totally appreciate it, if you’re looking for a place to procrastinate, procrastinate over to my mama’s blog and say hello.  I’m so excited for her.  You can check out the woman who started this all at www.squibblesnibbles.wordpress.com.

Oh me, Oh me, back to me…

Yesterday was kind of an awesome day.

Well, it didn’t start out awesome, another ridiculous day at my jobby-job. It’s getting to the point where I’m truly trying to imagine myself as a heroine in some weird farce. Any moment now the movie montage will start. I am living in my own personal Office Space. And, I’m fairly certain my boss is illiterate (she says as she starts a sentence with ‘and’).  After sending out my bosses typo riddled emails to all of my friends and having a hearty laugh at her expense, things got better.  Honestly, I just needed people to understand that I can’t make the crazy up, I had to share it with the world (err, my friends) in order to save face and get encouragement that I am not in fact, a total weeny.

Post work, I braved the disgusting April weather to get a sneak peak at the new Wii 10-Minute Solutions game, which totally made me want to find some way to buy a Wii and write it off in my taxes. I’m thinking about it, but I’m home for about 30 seconds a day, I feel like it would be wasted on the likes of me.  That wasn’t really the exciting part, although the game looks like fun, the exciting part was meeting up with two people I feel like I know but I’ve never met (like you guys!), Jessica Smith and Melissa McNeese.

Jessica Smith is basically the next big exercise thing.  I reviewed one of her exercise videos a bajillion years ago (or, October) for Social Workout, and recently interviewed her, and have sort of kept up with her via her website LivingInThin, and the magical world of Twitter.  I just really like her, her videos are good, not annoying (I’m very particular about my exercise videos), she’s good at queuing, and promotes living a healthy lifestyle without going from zero to crazy.  Those are things I can get behind, because whenever someone comes out with some sort of ‘get thin quick’ scheme I get nervous.  So, I was psyched to meet her in real life and she didn’t disappoint.

Melissa McNeese is a publicist who has saved my late-for-deadline butt quite a few times, whether she knows it or not.  She’s pretty much top dog on my Rolodex of PR folks, because she has all the best connections and is totally down to earth and infinitely helpful.  We’ve emailed back and forth for years, but have never met.  So, it was like meeting an long time friend for the first time.  We all went to dinner (she, Jessica, a promoter for the Wii 10-Minute Solutions game, and yours truly) at this fabulous vegetarian Korean restaurant, then Melissa and I  hit up my most favoritist yoga class.

Oh, yoga class.  I always, always, always, take my place in the back.  The back is where I like to be.  I have always sort of liked to do my thing, but not be the center of attention (obviously acting was a good career choice for me).  That little world I had created for myself in the back row came crashing to the ground.  The instructor, who I really love, was looking for someone to demonstrate.  I felt pretty safe that I wouldn’t be called on, I’m never called on.  But, then came the words: “Kimberly, I’ve never had you demonstrate before.”


Seriously, I’ll do anything, so I said I would do it, but I had no idea what I was doing.  Had she told me what pose I was going to do, I would have said, “Actually Susanna, goddess of all things yoga, I have trouble with any/every pose that includes grabbing my bent leg with my hand from behind.”  I have no idea why this is true, but it is, I think it has something to do with my unreasonably short hamstrings.  Anyhoo, Susanna had full faith in my Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) skills, so off to the front of class I went, then got into half moon, and all of a sudden I’m bending my back leg and trying to reach from behind for my foot.  Here’s what it was supposed to look like, had I been at all functional:

Photo credit: www.tracis.info

Dudes, I couldn’t do it.  I’m a failure as a demonstrator.  I didn’t mind really, it was nice that she thought that I would be able to do it, and it means now I have to work even harder at all poses all the time because now I know my yoga instructor knows my name and the back row is no longer considered safe.


Egg white omelet with spinach, cheddar, and a side of turkey bacon


I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet for this week, frozen lunches it is:
Annie’s Organic Rice Bowls with brown rice, broccoli, carrots, and black eyed peas



Trail mix


Chrysanthemum Green Tea

Steamed veggie dumpling

Kale pancake
(sorry for the super dark pictures, the lighting was not optimal for food blogging)

There was more!  I forgot to take picture of the main courses.  I think I got excited and forgot about pointing and clicking.  The rest of dinner included mushrooms, brown rice, a vegetable hot pot, an avocado rice bowl.

It was really good, and didn’t make me feel weighed down at all before yoga.  That’s a first, usually if I so much as have a piece of gum before exercise my stomach is angry.

Wow, that was a long blog post.  If you made it this far I commend you.