There are certain perks to my career.  I can’t say that I get paid a ton to write, but I do get to attend some pretty cool events and come home with some pretty neat schwag.

And, I just used the word neat, because it’s 1958.

Today, I took a little detour to my most favoritist gym on the planet, the Crunch on 59th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan.  This isn’t my gym–I go to the YMCA, but I do sometimes test out classes at this Crunch, and as a gym lover by nature this place makes me drool.  It. Is. Beautiful.

I’m coming off as really weird right now, right?

I like gyms.  Some people like cats, I like gyms.  I’m the crazy gym lady.

Anyhoo, I wasn’t at Crunch to test out a class today, I was there to go to a little pre-party for the SELF Workout in the park, which is kicking off next week in San Diego, then coming to New York, then Chicago.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the Workout in the Park, afterall, that’s where I interviewed Jillian Michaels:

The SELF Challenge was also the beginning of this blog, so I got the warm fuzzies going to the event today.

It was a good time.  I got a little mid-day makeover, which was good because I was in a rush this morning and bypassed make-up:

Wait, did I mention there was schwag:

I don’t know why schwag bags make me so happy, but they do.  This was perfect timing because I’ve been yoga mat shopping as my current one has seen better days.  The most exciting goody was ponytail holder balls.  I put one in my gym bag as soon as I got home. Oh, and did I mention I have free passes to the Workout in the Park on May 8th, I’m pretty psyched.

I love lunging in public–okay, that’s a lie, but it still is a pretty cool event.

That was pretty much the highlight of my day, then I went home and did a Kenpo DVD.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not usually a martial arts lover but for some reason today it felt really good.  I was kind of bummed when the video was over.  Apparently an hour wasn’t enough for me.  What can I say, sometimes a girl just wants to punch, kick, and elbow in the comfort of her own home.

Here’s the food rundown:


Whole wheat O’s with strawberries and almond milk


Salad with grilled chicken, carrots, beets, onion, walnuts, and cranberries.
Oil & vinegar

Post Workout

Day 2 Coconut Water Trials: I have to admit, this brand is way better than the last one I tried, but I’m still going with the fruit flavored ones.


Trader Joe’s Corn and Black Bean Enchiladas