Last week there was an article in the New York Times, that pretty much everyone who as ever met me and seen me snap a photo of my daily nosh sent to me…it was announcing food blogging as a trend.  Thanks NYT, but I think the word is out.  Anyway, someone (not me) wrote about it on one of the sites I write for, and there was quite a little debate in the comments about whether or not taking pictures of ones food validates obsessive food behaviors and/or eating disorders.

As someone who has a) definitely succumbed to my fair share of obsessive behavior; and b) has now kept an online food journal faithfully for over two years I say this: taking pictures of my food everyday has really freed me from a lot of negative tendencies.  Truly.  Really.  Truly, truly.

I have in past lives made healthy changes to the point where I was making some truly unhealthy changes–good intentions can sometimes snowball into obsession, at least in my case.

By the time I started this blog, I was already starting to come to terms with my body, what it can be and what it can’t, and learning to see food as a tool and not an enemy.  A yummy, comforting, awesometastic tool.  Having said that, I think that blogging what I eat on a daily basis has allowed me to not fall back into bad and obsessive tendencies.

For starters I feel a responsibility to you all to live a healthy lifestyle.  I mean, I feel a responsibility to myself, first and foremost, to live a healthy lifestyle, but that’s different.  I would never promote behavior that I deem unhealthy, and when there are moments when I’m feeling self-conscious about weight gain, or obsessive about exercise I really do think about what I’m going to say here.   So if my mind starts to wander to that obsessive place that fantasizes about fad diets and liquid fasts–I know I need to snap out of it pronto.  And honestly, in the two+ years I’ve been doing this blog those times have become fewer and further between.

There are certainly other food blogs, a lot like this one, with more vibrant pictures, more interesting food and recipes–I read a lot of them, and enjoy them, but I also think that many of us, while our blogs are similar, blog for different reasons.   I don’t really keep up this blog to become this food writing super star or to show off my culinary prowess (lord knows I have about 5.5 minutes a day to cook),  I do it mostly because it takes away the anxiousness I have felt in the past, anxiousness that never lead me anywhere good, and instead reminds me to focus on eating as opposed to not eating.  This little act of blogging about what I eat everyday has helped transform my relationship with food for the healthier, I make better choices on a daily basis because it exists, and the best part is that for the most part, it comes naturally now.