Yesterday was a rough day.  I started the day in tears at my desk at work.  I’m not really a cry at my desk kind of girl, but let’s just say I have reached a tipping point at my jobby-job–it has become unbearable, and after a particularly frustrating moment where my boss not only made comments that were insulting,  but also farted in my cubicle–twice…I was pretty much ready to quit.  Really, people, what did I do to deserve a crazy, condescending, flatulating boss?  It took quite a bit of convincing from co-workers to not quit on the spot.

Then, I met up with my old boss from my days working in events at The American Lung Association.  He lives in Maine, but was in town for a few days and we met up for lunch.  I remembered what it was like to work with people I actually liked, who had respect for me, and weren’t totally insane and incompetent.  It was really nice to see him, and it furthered my resolve to put money away pronto and leave this job that is very quickly sucking my soul dry.  No job is perfect, but there’s really no reason to suffer through life.  I don’t know when “being a responsible adult” actually came to mean grinning and bearing things that make you unhappy…but if that’s adulthood I want no part of it.

I have not been searching as hard as I could be for more freelance work, mainly because I’m tired and have looming deadlines for the jobs I already have…but I need to make time.  I need an assistant, anyone want to come be my personal assistant?  I can’t pay you money, but I can give you coconut water…

Oh right, I received the motherload shipment of coconut water in the mail yesterday!

Last week I made a comment that I thought coconut water tastes “like dirty socks.”  Well, someone from ONE Drinks read the post and asked if she could help change my mind about coconut water.  I said sure, because deep down I really want to like coconut water.

One of the definite perks of blogging is that I get to try lots of cool stuff, and you’d be surprised at how many things I pass on when I get emails.  If things seem processed or diety I usually say “Thanks, but no thanks.”  I am however always eager to try things that are naturally healthy.  So, I’m going to give each of these flavors a shot over the next week and let you know my thoughts on coconut water trials round three.

Ooh, look lip balm!

Okay…on to the food:


Egg white omelet with spinach and cheddar
Kiwi fruit




Grilled chicken sandwich with cheese and guacamole


I needed to make something cathartic for dinner…

Tempeh kabobs seemed healthy and kinesthetically pleasing.

While the kabobs cooked I savored a glass of wine.  After a day like today, I totally needed a drink.
Added bonus, it appears that women who drink 1-2 alcoholic beverages a day are less likely to gain weight.  Counterintuitive–totally, but science that I find uber exciting.

This was my first experiment with tempeh.  It was good, maybe a little dry–perhaps next time I won’t couple it with rice.  I steamed a tempeh brick yesterday to lessen the bitterness (I’d read to do that somewhere), then marinated it overnight in a bit of BBQ sauce.