Last night I hit up Mimuna party, which is a party celebrating the end of Passover.  Hello carbs, welcome back to my life!  Actually, I forwent the cookies and went straight to the open bar.  I’ve got priorities.  I had two glasses of red wine that went unphotographed.

The highlight of the night, besides the friends, open bar, and most laughable pick up lines ever, was the belly dancer.  She was hot!

Once, after a particularly bad breakup I took belly dancing classes with friends.  The hip gyration never ceased to make me feel like a spastic sex goddess.  Let’s just say the lady pictured was way more graceful in her gyration than I.

That was my night, my day was equally exciting.  I started off my last day of vacation doing what I love most sitting at a coffee shop sipping an Americano, writing, and chatting with a friend.  After lunch I hit up a specialty running shop and got fitted for new running shoes.  It was a really cool process, they assessed my foot structure, then had me run on a treadmill in the store where they videotaped my stride and then analyzed it frame by frame.  I wrote more about the process for Social Workout.  It was super cool, now I have fancy shmancy new running shoes.

Food time:


Smoothie with mango, mixed berries, almond milk and protein powder


Can you tell I’ m slightly obsessed with spinach/cheddar/egg-white omelets lately?

Side salad with Caesar dressing


I had dinner before sundown so technically it was still Passover:
Grilled lemon pepper chicken
Brussel sprouts