Since I’ve officially done one whole week of P90X, I figured now was a good a time as any to give my impressions of the program.

It’s hard, but not so hard you want to give up and never do it again.  I think that’s an important distinction to make, because when something is too overwhelmingly hard that it seems impossible I generally lose interest.  I think an important point made in these  videos, that is surprisingly lacking in other home fitness programs was to pace yourself according to your own personal ability.  I cannot do 30 unassisted pull-ups like some of the fellows on these DVDs, but I can do 20 with the aid of a chair, and I do not feel like I am calling it in at all.

I was sore last week, but not so sore that I was immobile and as I embarked on week two today I really did feel stronger.  All in all, I loved the strength training videos, even Ab Ripper that makes me want to cry, but has definitely made some quick and noticeable differences in my abdomen.  The cardio portion of the program, is not my cup of tea.  There are two cardio workouts: Plyometrics and Kenpo.  Plyometrics is basically jumping up and down for an hour which I’m pretty sure makes my downstairs neighbors want to have a stern talking to with me.  Kenpo, well let’s just say martial arts have never been my thing–and believe me I’ve tried.  I took karate as a kid, and Kung-fu as a teenager, but basically I just got the crap kicked out of me in my formative years.  So, let’s just say Kenpo strikes a discordant cord in me.  I’ll keep doing them and follow the fitness plan as written, but I think I’m going to need a couple more days of Kim-approved cardio like running and spinning.  The addition of spin and running to the program isn’t so much about upping the fitness level as it is about maintaining my mental health.

There’s also a yoga DVD, which is not necessarily what I’m used to coming from the yoga-class variety yoga.  Let’s just say I prefer my yogi-esque instructor to Tony Horton when I go through my vinyasas.

Yesterday was my rest day and I have to say I was psyched to pop in my DVDs today–I like the program and I’m excited to see how my strength improves over the next 83 days.  Tomorrow I’m going on a mission to pick up some heavier weights and buy new running shoes.


Matzo brei made with 2 eggs and 2 matzo boards


Vanilla Greek yogurt, strawberries, and walnuts


I decided to give coconut water another shot since it’s supposed to be like nature’s Gatorade.
The verdict: I still think it tastes like a dirty sock.  Sorry coconut water enthusiasts.

Babybel cheese.  I know the different color wedges are different flavor cheeses but honestly they all taste the same to me.


Salas with tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, grilled chicken breast and lemon vinaigrette.

I ended up nixing my yoga class tonight due to some schedule conflicts but I’m going to hit up a Yoga DVD before bed to get me in that happy-stretchy head space.