Photo Credit: Freg @ Flickr

April showers bring May flowers. That’s what they say, but seeing as how March was almost a complete wash out weatherwise, I’m hoping that the heavens deem us fit to have a few less showers this month.  I’m ready for things to start getting toasty!

March was a month focused around making life more livable .  As it turns out I’m pretty good at this whole goal setting thing:

  • Get more socially active: I made mucho time for friends this month, which had exactly the desired effect: it reminded me that life, when lived, is actually kind of awesome.
  • Get serious about saving: Okay, so savings didn’t happen, but I did the next best thing—I paid off my credit card.  This was one of my New Year’s Resolutions, and I figured before putting money in the bank it was probably a good idea to get rid of my interest bearing debt first.  Hoorah, one more New Year’s Resolution with a big check mark next to it.
  • Transition to outdoor running: Ehh, well I didn’t exactly transition to outdoor running, but I ran outdoor when it counted—in the 4 mile race I was preparing for and ultimately completed.
  • Wear  make-up regularly: I’d say 4 out of 7 days I dolled myself up, that’s a pretty good statistic on my part.  You know what?  Putting a little extra effort in my appearance totally made me feel like the sexy lady I am, hehehe, that’s just silly I look like a Kindergarten teacher (not that Kindergarten teachers can’t be sexy…ugh, you know what I mean).
  • No more working at night: The best and most life altering change I made to my life was not working at night.  This little resolution CHANGED MY LIFE.  Seriously, I may have had to get up earlier, but being able to reserve the evenings for relaxing with friends or my Netflix subscription gave me a feeling of release that I haven’t felt in a loooooong time.  This one I’m keeping!

Okay, so what’s on the docket for April you may ask?

Well, we all know I’m doing P90X, so one of my goals is to not drop the ball on that.  Otherwise, my resolutions for April are going to focus even more on feeding my soul and bringing more happiness to my life.

  • Write a letter a week.  Last month I undertook some massive Spring cleaning which meant going through an old box of cards and letters I’d received over the last….oh, lifetime.  It reminded me how special it makes me feel to receive mail…it’s time to be more diligent about spreading the love.
  • Say “Hello” and “Good Morning.”  Man, New Yorkers are a tough crowd, but I’m learning the power of a positive attitude.  Last month I tested my happiness aptitude by smiling, even when I didn’t want to and what I realized was that not only did I feel better but other people seemed to be happier interacting with me.  This month, in addition to smiling, I’m going to say revolutionary things like “Good morning” and “Hi, How are you?”  Even to people I don’t know well, or gasp, at all.  I fully expect to be viewed as a total lunatic.
  • Stand/Sit Up Straight.  I used to have amazing posture, but somewhere along the line…err, I think sometime around the time I got boobs, that all changed.  Sometimes I’ll take stock of my posture and realize I’m basically sitting crunched up in a ball…what kind of impression am I giving out to the world!  This month I’m challenging myself to wear my confidence openly, and take a load off my poor back muscles, by sitting/standing tall and proud.
  • Comment on blogs more.  Like many of you out there, I’m a lurker.  I am, I swear, I know it seems ironic considering I am a blogger, but sometimes I either don’t have anything to say, or I’ve been reading someone for so long it seems weird to introduce myself now.  Yet, I know how excited I am to see comments from you all, so I want to share the blogging love.  I read a lot of blogs, but I do it through my Google Reader so very rarely do I actually make my way to the sites of the blogs I read to leave a little note of appreciation.
  • Spend more time writing.  That too sounds ironic considering I write for a living, but I’ve been working on a book proposal for a while now and I haven’t turned the heat up yet in my writing.  Last month I reinitiated a writing group with another writer, and yet we both still fall victim to only writing when we have a deadline.  I want to carve a few hours a week out just for writing my personal project so that I can meet the deadline in my mind.  I may not get a book deal, but I’ll never know unless I crank this bad boy out.

That’s about it.  Usually my resolutions focus more on either eating or exercising, but my mentality is changing a little bit.  I know from experience that when I’m happiest the food and exercise stuff just seems to come easily to me, so for now I’m going to focus on feeding my soul with things that make me happy, whether it be focusing on my personal goals, or giving back to the world at large.

What are you resolving this month?