My nickname growing up was “Kimbe” as in Kim-bee.  Weird, I know. Yeah, just felt like I’d share that just now.

First and foremost, thank you to all of you that commented yesterday.  Your words were beautiful and inspiring and you were a wonderful reminder that all this talk of loving oneself doesn’t fall on deaf ears and does make a difference.  I passed on the post to my friend and she was touched.  I basically have all the best readers in the world.

Second of all, Tony Horton is trying to kill me.  Today was day three of P90X and I’m pretty sure Tony is some sort of Ken-doll-masochist.  I’m actually kind of loving the whole process, but I’m sore everywhere and I know tomorrow is going to be even worse.  The worst part thus far has been doing my second round of ab work; my abs were already so sore I wanted to cry today when Tony told me to “Bring It.”  I brought it Tony, I brought it on Monday, don’t you remember?  I have this sneaking suspicion that I’m going to be sore everyday for the next 86 days.

I’m home visiting the folks today and for the next few days.  No matter how old I get, it’s nice to come home and still be the kid.

Here’s the food rundown:


My mom made me the smallest egg white omelet ever!  Look how tiny it was!  I’m pretty sure it was made with egg whites (maybe 1), diced peppers and onion and a wee bit of cheddar.

I was hungry after my omelet so I grabbed a banana on the go.


Baked flounder with homemade salsa verde and zucchini

Post Workout

Did you know that chocolate milk is considered the perfect recovery drink?  It’s true, chocolate milk made with skim or lowfat milk has exactly the right ration of carbs to protein without being heavy in fat–a ration that works perfectly for healing and building muscles.

Tony Horton promotes some “magical” recovery drink in his DVDs but I’m not keen on the idea of stuffing my body with chemicals, I’m going the natural route to recovery beverages.


My parents made leg of lamb for dinner.  Don’t get any ideas, this is the absolute first time in the history of my life that this has been served in my house.

Roast leg of lamb, roasted potatoes and carrots