Happy Saturday.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have completed the 4-mile race I’m signed up for and still be alive, luckily if things don’t go well I’ll have a while to recuperate–I’m on vacation from work until April 7th!

I’m going to warm up my muscles today by hitting up a spin class, then warm up my brain and belly by hitting up a cafe for a little latte action and writing .  All in all a perfect Saturday in my little world.

I had a lovely Friday.  After saying goodbye to my cubicle I met up with my friend Sarah for a magical day of hot cocoa (with homemade marshmallows which are one of my most favoritist things in life) and manicures.  After a successful girly afternoon we met up with her hubby and some of their awesome friends for great convo, great nibbles, and frothy beverages.  All in all, a perfect way to start my weekend.


Omelet with 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white, cheddar cheese, salsa and 1/2 an avocado
Whole grain bread


Magical Mexican Hot Cocoa: made with skim milk and two cinnamon crusted marshmallows!


The first beer of the evening

Second beer of the evening

Veggie burger topped with spinach and goat cheese

This morning I got up and decided to prep for next week’s adventures in P90X by building my brand new pull-up bar.  When I was a kid I used to practice pull-ups with my dad on the tree in front of our house.  I was always embarrassed during those gym class physical fitness tests at the beginning of the year when they would line up everyone and make them do chin-ups and I couldn’t do one.  Toward the end of summer, every year before school,  I would make my dad come out and hold my legs to help me with my pull up mission.  That man was very patient with me, and let’s just say I never really proved myself to the gym teacher.  Hopefully 90 days from now I’ll finally overcome that childhood embarrassment.

Way easier on the hands than tree bark.