Last night I faced my fear of clowns for a very good cause.  I volunteered at Ronald McDonald House.  I was really afraid that the night would be really hard for me. I’m not really one that’s good at disguising my emotions and I definitely have a soft spot for kids, so an entire night hanging out with kids with cancer and their families might turn out to be a disaster for all of us.  Honestly, it was a totally amazing experience.  These kids were AMAZING, they were so much fun,  and so were their families.  The clowns were okay too, I admit it.

Some members of a “young professionals” group I participate with, and I were there to bring dinner, provide entertainment, and hang with the kiddos.  When we got there we were told that the night might be really solemn because there had just been two deaths and everyone was just coming back from a memorial service.  But, when the kids got there they were just so excited to see the clowns we’d brought along…the food maybe a little less excited, but it didn’t really look that good.

I recognized a lot of myself a few months ago in the parents there.  Not that I’m comparing my experience with my mom, to dealing with a child with cancer, but it is amazing how normal trauma can seem after a while, and how you can function in a state of constant anxiety–the parents there looked so tired and hopeful, and happy to see their kids happy.  It was a really moving experience.

Okay, now I’m getting weepy.  Time to change the subject.  In other news, I picked up my race day bib for Sunday.  I’m doing it, I’m running in a race…on the ground.  I’m nervous that I won’t make it, but I’m trying to convince a friend that we can run/walk together if we don’t feel like we can make it.  I think she’s in the same boat as me.  I’ve got to give it a shot though, I’ll never know if I can run 4 miles outside if I don’t try.

Wish me luck!


None.  In a very unlike me move I skipped breakfast, just wasn’t hungry.


Salad with arugala,  feta, olives, edemame, roast chicken, egg, oil & vinegar
Vegetable and orzo soup


This was the dinner we served.  Not that appetizing.
Chicken, pasta salad, bread (the bread was actually good)