SASI=Single. Alcoholic. Society. International.

Last night I had dinner with a gaggle of girls I’ve known for years.  A long time ago we dubbed ourselves SASI because at the time everyone but me was single, but I was planning on embarking on singledom shortly; alcoholic, because we enjoyed a cocktail or two (or five); International, because our nationalities were widely varied and at least half of our gaggle members were born in other countries.

It’s amazing how life changes.  Now, many years later we’re expecting our very first SASI baby (which dramatically decreases our group alcohol consumption) , and let’s just say there is quite the bling represented on left hands.  In fact, I’m the only single SASI member left–we’re going to need a new acronym.  Luckily our diversity held strong.  I’m still Whitey McWhiterson.

There is something comforting, especially in times of great transition, like I’m in now (or at least embarking on shortly), to look back on friends you’ve known for a while and see how life has changed for them, for all of us.  It’s comforting to know that life may not always happen the way you expect but sometimes it happens for the best…and at the end of the day there are still people to grab a drink with (unless you’re pregnant) and laugh with.

I’m pretty sure that’s the best part of life, at least for me.  I lose sight of it sometimes when I’m busy striving for these far off goals that fill my to do lists. But, the real things that make me happy aren’t things at all, they are the people in my life; the people that comfort me when I fail or celebrate with me when I succeed, the people who’s weddings I can help plan, or babies I can coo at, or the people that will blow off life to walk around a park with me for the day.

Yes, I’m a bit hokey these days, but it’s all in an effort to really appreciate the life I have.  My very wise mama told me when I was young and probably concerned about my weight or something of the like: “You can’t change yourself until you love yourself.”  That’s always stuck with me, it’s helped me a lot when it comes to my body image, but now I’m using it as a platform for my life image.  I have a great life, now I’m off to make it even greater, but first I want to love it just the way it is.


Smoothie: 1% milk, frozen banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 scoop protein powder, 1tbsp organic chocolate syrup (this is a picture from the other day, I accidentally deleted the picture of this particular look-a-like smoothie)

Tall soy latte



My first experience with Korean food!
Spicy Chicken, sprout soup, white rice, a vegetable that may or may not be zucchini, meatball, kimchi, fishcake
I couldn’t eat all of this, it was a lot of food.



This is a terrible picture but the lighting at the restaurant was bad:
Chicken, spinach, mozzarella and mashed potatoes–again, this was a huge plate I didn’t come close to finishing it.