I feel very accomplished.  I did my taxes.  Okay, I paid someone to do my taxes, but there’s just something about not having that dread hanging over me that is so liberating.

Let me explain.  As a freelancer there is always the fear that I might owe a ton of money to the nice people who operate the government.  So I have to save every receipt (which I realized after I left the accountant that I forgot to include all my transit for 2009, but too late now), and every shred of paper that might one day prove deductible in any way whatsoever.  Most of the time I use the money I make for a little thing called survival, so I was afraid that I could be in quite the financial pickle, especially since I’m planning on ditching the day job in a few months.

So, off to the accountant I went, binder in hand.  And my accountant was kind of cute.  Of course, I’ve been sick and look like a total disaster all swollen in the sinus area and hair everywhere, no make-up.  It’s kind of the same feeling of running into an ex when you look like crap.  Doncha know he totally flirted with me! Which made me laugh because I kind of resemble Rudolph right now.  And he gave me a discount on my tax preparation.  It was nice.  Sometimes it’s a nice ego boost to be the recipient of pure unabashed flirtation.  And, I got a refund!  Pretty much, it was an awesome night.  I celebrated, and by celebrated mean that I was exhausted by the time I left the accountants office and didn’t want to make dinner, by getting a scrumptious Vietnamese sandwich and bubble tea for dinner.

When I got home I had a present waiting for me from the yummy folks at TAZO.  They have a new line of Stevia sweetened teas coming out and sent me some samples to try:


Kashi Heart to Heart w/banana and 1% milk


Daily dose of vitamin C


Chicken soup (it really does make everything feel better)
Vegetarian California Rolls with brown rice


Classic Vietnamese Sandwich with Tofu instead of pork (so not classic at all really)

Bubble Tea