I’m pretty sure my body is getting back at me for years of good health.  In the last few months I’ve been sick more than I have in the last 5-years.  It would appear something is not right with my immune system.

I woke up this morning without the ability to swollow and fairly certain that at some point during the night I accidentally poured cement in my head.  Bummer.

It’s just a head cold, I minor inconvenience that is inconvenient nonetheless.  Obviously, I’ll get over it.

Monday is yoga night in my little world.  I literally battled it out with myself regarding whether or not to go.  These are moments I’m glad I don’t have a roommate around to watch my bizarre behavior.  Upon getting home from work I changed into yoga gear, walked outside ready to head to class, walked right back inside and had to stare at the door for a good few minutes rationalizing why I should go to yoga.    In the end, I won.  The winning argument: that I most definitely won’t feel better if I don’t go, but there’s a chance I could feel better if I do, and even if I don’t feel better I probably won’t feel worse.

I had to tell the instructor that my equilibrium was off, so there were no handstands for me tonight, but all in all I survived.  It was a truly bizarre feeling,  feeling my congestion move from one side to another as my position changed and being able to hear out of my right ear during inversions but not in upright positions.

The body is a strange place.

In the end, I’m glad I went.  My head might not feel better but my body does.  This is the first time all day that my body feels good.  Further proof that more often than not exercise is a good idea.


Smoothie with kefir, banana, peach and raspberries


Lunch packed by my mom: Beef stew over coconut rice (an amazingly good combo)
2 clementines


Spelt tortilla with hummus and cucumber