There are things in life that are just plain embarrassing…one thing in particular has always inhibited me from doing certain things, like ab work and yoga in public.

I’m working to get over it, because, well, adding a regular yoga practice to my life has really been a wonderful boon to my strength and mental health.  I’ve been actually going to yoga class regularly for a couple of months now and I am amazed at the increase in my strength and flexibility.  Apparently regular practice is way more beneficial than guilting myself into doing a DVD once a month…who knew?

I’ve even escaped my”embarrassment” for a few months now.  I had thought for a moment, that those days were gone.  But no, last night the blush maker was back in full force…and oh goody, a friend was with me to witness it all.

Fellas (I know you’re out there), you may want to stop reading now and just skim to the pretty food pictures.

I have, for as long as downward facing dog and reverse crunches have been a part of my life,  suffered from the yoga vart.  It’s loud, and uncontrollable, and generally I don’t even feel it coming.  There’s something about the contraction of my ab muscles, especially in inversions, that just opens me up so to speak.

As I was walking home from class with my friend, I said “I hate being yoga queef girl”, to which she replied “Oh, that was you!”  “Yeah, that was me, it’s always me.”  “You need to write a blog about it.”

So, I’m writing a blog about it.  Mainly because I need to get over the embarrassment of it.  I’ve come to love yoga, need it at least once a week to realign my body and sooth my mind, and I’m not going to let something I can’t control embarrass me so much that I give up something I love.  I’m taking ownership of my lot in life, I’m yoga queef girl.  It’s not my most redeeming characteristic, but it’s not life shattering either.  If I can, through no fault of my own, make my yoga class laugh, well then so be it.  Bringing a little funny into the world is certainly not the worst thing I’ve ever done.


Queen LaQueefa


Banana crunch cereal, banana, 1% milk


Miso soup

Bento box-mmmm sushi


Pasta with broccoli, chicken sausage, and tomato sauce