It’s a known fact that you can never be too old for a good old fashioned slumber party.

My three closest friends since childhood came into Brooklyn for a sleepover Friday.  It was a perfect night of junk food, movies, and the kind of comfort that only comes from being with the people you love most in life.  Saturday we walked around Brooklyn and celebrated the first almost warm day in months, and had the best cheeseburger I have ever had in life.  It was just such an easy happiness.

I had recently read a chapter in The Happiness Project about buying happiness.  The idea that there are things that can actually add happiness to your life.  I can honestly say that since I bought my KitchenAid Mixer I truly have every thing I really want in life.  Not everything, but certainly every object.  The things I still aspire to have tend to be more about achievement and experiences, not so much something I can own and hold.

This is not  a rant on materialism.  I like stuff, but I generally don’t covet stuff.  So, I thought pretty hard about the idea of buying happiness.  I was so happy when I bought my mixer.  Quite a few times have I looked at it and thought “I’ve made it”, yet I hardly use it.  So, Saturday morning I woke up before my friends, because well, I wake up before everyone as a general rule, and used my mixer to make pancake batter.  I could have had way less cleanup had I used my handmixer, but I wanted to enjoy my money.  Money can buy happiness, especially when it allows you to do something you love–which for me is to cook for other people.

I’ve been thinking about what other purchase could make me happy in the future.  I still put away $10 a week toward splurges and have a decent amount of money in there now, with no real thought on what to use it for.  I think I’ve decided…

I’m going to buy a pair of roller skates.  Not now, perhaps when it gets closer to  summer.  When I was a kid I loved roller skating and my family used to go to a rink near our house all the time.  A few years ago, as I was looking through childhood pictures I noticed that my dad was in almost all of them…skating behind me.  It’s not something I ever noticed as a kid, but when I asked my mom about it she said that he used to skate behind me to make sure no one knocked me down.  I think that’s both hilarious (because my dad is kind of a big burly fellow) and just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

Just thinking about roller skating makes me smile.  So, for my next happiness related purchase I’m going to invest in a pair of skates.  Who knows, perhaps it’ll become my new favorite exercise.

Speaking of exercise…Monday is generally yoga class night in my schedule, but tonight I really just didn’t want to leave home.  For the time being I am lucky enough to have an almost empty room in my apartment that serves as my office and exercise room.  Instead of class I set up a yoga studio at home: turned down the lights, lit candles, and played my favorite yoga DVD.  The best part…I could make savasana last as long as I wanted.  It was glorious.

Do you have any purchases, either made or intended, that are geared solely at making you happy?


Kashi Heart to Heart with strawberries and 1% milk


Babybel Cheddar


Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, feta and lite Caesar dressing
2 clementines


Grilled chicken (marinated in Soyaki sauce), brown rice, and brocolli