I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Woops, bad blogger!  I’ve had a busy couple of days.  Good busy, but busy and had to put The Kim Challenge on the back burner for a minute.  I don’t want to sound completely insane, which often I do, but I really feel like when you decide what you really want, the universe sort of helps you get it.  There’s definitely something to positive energy.  I’m not going to go into specifics, but there are just a lot of little things in my career and personal life that have just started to fall into place in the last week and it feels good.

I’ve been working on the big things in my life: career, outlook, getting to that happy-body place, but there are all these other things that make me happy that I don’t ever really cop to.  I’m not sure why, perhaps because they seem simple, or self indulgent, but why not?  So, whenever my mind is about to go to a dark place I start thinking about what I want, what makes me happy for no other reason than it just does.  Here’s the list I’m working with so far:

  • I love cardigans. They’re like the security blanket of clothes.
  • I prefer local trains over express.  More seating and more reading time.  I’ve given up my express train in the morning and opted for a less stressful ride into work.
  • I love sleeping alone; all the pillows, all the blankets, the ability to sleep diagonally.  Now that I’m single again I don’t have to feel guilty about hogging the blankets.
  • I actually need to be the center of attention sometimes.  I’m going to stop fading into the background when I need the spotlight.  Luckily, one of my editors helped me a long with that this week by publishing this.  Seeing everything I’ve done in the last couple of years made me feel really confident.
  • If it were socially acceptable I would wear a towel or robe all the time.  It’s not socially acceptable but since I currently live alone I can lounge around in a towel to my hearts content.

What little things make you happy that you never really think about or tell anyone?

As per usual for me, my fridge was lacking which made for quite the hodge-podge of eating Thursday:


Whole grain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese


A motley lunch of refrigerator strays:
Activia peach yogurt
Babybel Cheddar
Hard boiled egg


Tonight I decided to splurge on some of my favorite unhealthy takeout items.
Wanton soup and chicken wings.
So bad, but soooo good.