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I just love it when the first of the month starts on a Monday, it always feels like a double whammy in the fresh start department.

I’m feeling good about March.  If February was the month of Body Love, well then March is the month of life luvin’.  As is the general theme of my blog these days, I’ve decided to do away with those things in my life that make me unhappy.  Life is too short to spend it wishing you were being a different version of yourself.  That doesn’t make it any less intimidating though; taking any sort of big life gamble is always scary.  So, this month I’m splitting my resolutions between immediate gratification happy-times and those things that will help me achieve my ultimate goals.

Before we get  to March, here’s a recap of February.  All in all it was pretty successful:

I ended February 10lbs lighter than I started it; not in the most healthy of senses but I look damn good naked now so I’ll take it.  My goal is to take the craptitude of my appetite at the end of last month and turn it into a positive jump start on a happier place with my body for the rest of 2010.

I slept, a lot, maybe more than is healthy but let me just say my skin looks fabulous…this sleep thing is pretty awesome.

I definitely upped my mileage and time and the gym in anticipation of my March 28th 4-mile race in Central Park.

I cut the sugar, this one took a little longer than I intended to get a hold on, but by the end of the month even sour gummy worms (my kryptonite) were of no interest to me.

As for protein, I have no idea if my quantities were higher, but I certainly don’t think they were lacking.

February, good month, now on to an even better month March.

  • Book my dance card.  No more putting work before life.  Why work so much if I’m not going to enjoy the life I’m living.  I’ve been working pretty hard at filling up my calendar with time with friends and family.
  • Get serious about saving.  My plan to quit my job may not happen till Summer time.  I’m trying to do things the smart way and pad my savings before taking the leap.  Of course, the sooner I save up oodles of cash the sooner I can say sayonara to my jobby-job.
  • Transition to outdoor running.  I’ve made this a resolution before and I NEVER do it.  I just really, really like treadmills, they’re so soft and bouncy.  Seeing as how I’m running a race at the end of the month that does not happen on a treadmill I need to start conditioning myself for the great outdoors.  This may not happen till mid-month, NYC is still an icy tundra right now. Okay so this isn’t ‘Happy Times’ but it’s necessary.
  • Get pretty.  Okay, that’s not self-depreciating,  I think I’m of the fairly attractive sort, what I mean by this is put a little more effort into my appearance on a daily basis.  I’ve always been a bit lazy about things like make-up and hair but when I do them I feel a million times better about myself.  I think it’s time I start arming myself with that sort of confidence on a daily basis.
  • No more working at night.  My schedule has been insane lately; I get up way before dawn, work, go to work, come home, work and go to the gym.  It’s way too much.  From now on, I’m going to schedule my mornings so that I get everything I need done in the A.M. so that when I leave work at night I’m free to sleep, vegetate, workout or hang out with friends.  No more living without down time!

Of all my monthly resolutions I think this month is one of my more ambitious.  It’s always hard to put oneself first, but I’m determined to find an equilibrium.

What are you resolving this month?