Oy.  Yesterday.

I ended up staying home from work yesterday with tummy issues.  Seriously, between breakup-belly and the stomach flu I’ve lost 9lbs in the last week.  This is not healthy, do not try this at home.  I do not condone eating like me at this particular moment in life.

I woke up yesterday, ate breakfast felt sick immediately and forced some apple sauce down my throat later in the day so I wouldn’t pass out at my audition.  The audition was fun, easy-peasy.  It was more commercial than theatrical.  I was labelled “attractive girl” and had no lines (I didn’t know that until I got there and looked at the sides), I was partnered with “stalking girl” who was supposed to look at me all creepy and make me uncomfortable, then come up to me and say “Have I got a guy for you!”

Ha, I told my mom and she said “Did you lose it?”  I’d just been going on about how I need to actively take a vacation from the dating world.  I needed to deal with whatever guilt/anger I felt about Achilles, and not rebound.  I have this habit of rebounding immediately when a relationship ends because it’s nice to feel pretty and wanted, it’s bad, I’m not doing it this time.   So, the fact that my first audition in a while was about a woman coming up and saying “Have I got a man for you!” was kind of ironic.  The universe definitely has a sense of humor.

Did I get it?  Who knows?  It went well, but this was way more about look than acting skill, we shall see.  Honestly I’m more psyched to get back in the game.

So yeah, my day yesterday consisted of me sitting around feeling sorry for myself, not eating.  Then putting on a little black dress I had bought for a date that didn’t happen a few months ago, and I looked AMAZING in it.  Even one of the girls at the audition said “You should wear that dress everyday.”  That made me feel good, I guess the stomach flu is good for something.  Then I came back home and went to bed at 5pm!   I’m so lame, and so hungry…why won’t my body let me eat things?

In my boredom I decided to do my doppelgänger composite shot.  A couple of weeks ago on Facebook everyone was posting their celebrity look alikes, mine was Jacinda Barrett (from Real World London and Bridget Jones’ Diary 2).

I thought it was a pretty good choice, even though no one knows who she is.


Whole grain toast with 1/2 avocado and egg


apple sauce