Wow, today.  Wow.

I probably feel better today than I have in the last six-months.  I’m amazed at all the support I’ve received from my family, and friends, and all of you guys (thanks so much!) in this seemingly pretty crazy decision I’ve made.  It feels right.  It’ll take a few months, I’m not coming into work middle-fingers waving tomorrow; I need to find a roommate and make sure my savings are sufficient before I leave.  I’m giving it 2-3 months, but already just the knowledge that I’m getting out of a bad situation has changed my entire outlook on my life right now.

I’m declaring 2010 the year of getting happy.

Getting happy with my career and getting back to happy with my body.  Everything else in my life I’m pretty happy with already.

I’m down 5lbs since pre-vacation (I think I have break-up belly to thank).  I need to lose 10 lbs more to be back at that comfy weight, and 15 lbs to be back at that DAMN GIRL weight.  I’ll start with focusing on that 10 lbs, I just want to fit comfortably in my pants again, DAMN GIRL doesn’t really need to make an appearance till summer 😉

In an effort to make sure I was okay, my aunt took me out to a super fancy restaurant today.  In the middle of the first course I looked out the window and said “That’s Natalie Portman.”  Then, Natalie Portman came into the restaurant and sat down one table over from us.  She’s pretty in person.  Bitch.

Okay, so I have a confession.  I’ve always had this irrational hatred/jealousy for Natalie Portman.  I think it has something to do with the fact that she lives a way cooler yet parallel life to mine.  I’m from Long Island, she’s from a better part of Long Island.  I went to college in Boston, she went to college in Boston–at Harvard.  I’m an actress, she’s an ACTRESS.  She’s the spokesperson for the non-profit I work for and hate everyday of my life.  See where I’m going with this?  It’s totally irrational.  Having said this, even the appearance of Natalie Portman in my day couldn’t even ruin my good mood.

I ended the day with just about my very favoritist way to unwind, spin class.  It was grueling, but amazing.  For some people yoga is the way to relax, for me a dark room with loud music and mechanical leg movements equals absolute release.


Whole wheat English muffin with almond butter


Lentil soup with scallops

Spinosini pasta with manila clams, calamari, white wine, hot chilies
I ended up taking most of this home, the soup was very filling


Smoothie with kefir, protein powder, peaches, and blueberries
(I’m allergic to blueberries so this was risky, but so far I’m fine)