I would have posted pictures of my food yesterday, but I recently updated my computer to Windows 7 and subsequently it has decided it doesn’t like pictures or to shut down.  I need to bring it to the magical computer people.

I will admit that I slept through most of yesterday.  Well, I went to work first, then went home, decided to take a cat-nap and get down to business.  Like most naps do in my case, my nap turned into sleepfest 2010, and I woke up 12 hours later.  Guess I was sleepy.

It also means I skipped dinner.  Picture if you will my food from yesterday:




Leftover Turkey Chili


Quite possibly a major make out session with my pillow but no actual nutrients were digested.

I’ve decided I need to make some changes in my life.  While my jobby-job has been useful for things like bill paying and a place to widen my ass from 9-6 everyday, it’s terrible for my soul.  I’ve been really unhappy while I’ve been here and I feel like the parts of my life that actually matter to me (i.e.: acting, writing, working out, spending time with the people I love), has taken a nosedive and subsequently I have been pretty unhappy with myself.

One of the most important lessons my mom has drilled into my head in life is “never settle.”  Sometimes this has to do with a clothing purchase and sometimes it has to do with things in life that are way more important.  I think I’ve been settling, as many of us do, in regard to my work life.  The problem is, I still have work in the things I love.

I’ve decided to quit my job.

I know, this is a big deal, and I’m not doing it today.  I need to find a roommate first, because while I do love living alone, I prefer my mental health and well being a whole lot more.

It’ll be a rough transition financially, but I think in the end it’s something I need.  I make enough to get by if I have a roommate, and hopefully more time, means more time to look for freelance work in the field I love.  If not, there’s always waitressing.

I don’t want to say I settled for a mediocre life I didn’t want, if I didn’t even try to have the life I do.  Maybe one day I’ll say enough is enough, I’m fine with settling, but I’m too young for that.

Anyone want to come live with me?