T-15hours till take off.  This will probably be my last post this week.  I leave tomorrow for my not-so-secret Valentine’s getaway!  I’m taking this as an opportunity to completely unplug. There is very rarely a time that I am not tethered to a computer or my crackberry; this weekend, except for a few calls to the folks, I am going completely technology free.

This must be how people lived back in the day…back in the 80s!

For Valentine’s Day I bought myself a present, or at least that’s what I’m using to justify my purchase.

Can we all agree right here and now that Lululemon has the cutest fitness gear on earth at ridiculously high prices?  Yes.  Good.  Well, I only have so much will power (that’s not true, I have no willpower at all, never have) and the bright lights and shiny new gear was too much for me to resist today.

I justified my trip inside the pearly gates of Lululemon because I’m running a race in 5-weeks and from what I’ve heard from past year participants, it’s a friggin cold race.  I need outdoor running gear!  So I bought just about the coolest running jacket known to man.

There’s a flap to pull your ponytail through, thumb holes if your hands are cold, cuffs on the sleeves to hold ID and money, a zipper pouch on the back for keys or a snack, and super wicking material and ventilation in all the right places.  Did I mention it’s PINK!

Yeah, it’s awesome.

Then, because that wasn’t enough, I bought new running pants, that have pink stripes.  I only wear capris when I work out because I never work out outside, so I needed a pair of full length leggings.

I’m having a bit of buyers remorse, but not enough to return it.  Perhaps enough to nix dinners out and drinks with friends for a couple of weeks though.

I took some pictures:

I realized that the obligatory draped shot didn't do them justice

'Member that New Years Resolution to take more pictures of me?

I love the pink butt stripes!

Okay, enough about my stupidly expensive exercise clothing addiction.  Now it’s time for my food addiction.  Breakfast was an adventure of sorts, a piecemeal challenge to make a healthy breakfast from convenience foods.


A few days ago I grabbed a couple of single serve nutbutter packets at Whole Foods for just such emergencies. I stopped at a deli to grab a banana and oatmeal, and Starbucks for a soy latte.

Yum, that’ll do.

Best warning ever!


Left over brown rice with black beans and avocado


This dinner concoction started out as a way to use up left over food before the trip, but it was really good.  I might make it a staple.  I added a bit of hot sauce post picture, c’est magnifique!

Avocado, grilled tomatoes, egg, veggie burger

I’ll be back with a full vacation recap on Tuesday.  While I’m gone feel free to entire the Kim Challenge Anniversary giveaway, two DVDs for the price of none!