I feel like a kid today, work was cancelled!  The Northeast is having a snow storm and New York City is expecting 12-18 inches.  When the New York City public schools close so does my office.  We got word that the schools would be closed around noon yesterday and it has been a party in my head ever since.

Truth be told I’ll probably spend a fair share of today doing some work I’ve been putting off, but at least now it’s on my terms and with a full night of sleep behind me!

I’m just settling for a a day in PJs with my laptop, manfriend, a go at the gym, and mayhaps a little bit of trashy TV.  Really, these unexpected days off are just so much fun!

The snow is beautiful so far, of course I’m not outside in it.  It makes me look even more forward to my Valentine’s Day vacation.  Two more days to go!  I know where it is now.  Achilles had to tell be because we had some logistics issues, that turned out not to be issues, but still the cat’s out of the bag.  We’re going to Ft. Lauderdale.  My internet searching tells me it’s 75 degrees there these days.  Hello warm weather!  I’ve been using those Jergens tinted lotions to give me the appearance of not being made of paper for weeks now, but so far no dice, I’m just as pale as ever.  Consider this my apology in advance to the people of South Florida.

Here’s yesterday’s food recap:


Coffee with 1% milk
Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted O’s.  Honestly, I don’t like this cereal, it reminds me of dog kibble.  Usually I like Kashi brand, but I find this one dry, bulky and tasteless.  Thank goodness for snow days.


Dry Meyer Lemon Soda.
I love Gus’ sodas, I don’t have them too often because I try to avoid soda.  If I’m going to drink it though, this is the brand.  Sweetened with real sugar, but not too sweat, and made with real fruit juice.  This stuff is awesome.

I do love me some hard boiled eggs.  Salad with: arugala, 2 eggs, beets, artichoke hearts, carrot, peppers, blue cheese, sunflower seeds, red wine vinegar & olive oil


Black beans w/tomato, onion, garlic & cumin over brown rice.
Diced avocado on top